Chapter 7

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Narrators POV


The utter severe state of inadequate oxygen delivery to meet metabolic demands. At least that's what "they" say. But in most signs shock is the impeccable disbelief of the things, words, or even movements directed in your range of sight. Funny isn't it, how just a slight action can bring us down into a full mind coma.

Life itself is a shock to others. All the rainy days, sunny days and the thoughtless days just combined to make that train wreck of thoughts and moments that will break you down in a mere second.

In Livia's case, it was very different, she had no sunny days just rainy days always locked away in her thoughts overthinking things that shouldn't even be thought about for someone her age. But it's time to think about the unbelievable at this point in life.

The silence within the dining room was enough to hear a pin falling to the floor. Everyone was shocked and mostly confused about how the two knew each other.

The two stared at each other silently, Liv was shocked to the core she couldn't even move. She just looked wide-eyed at the man standing bulk and tall in front of her.

In front of her stood John all high and mighty staring down at her sitting in her chair. Angel finally decided to break the awkward silence surrounding the dining room.

"You two know each other?" Angel asked looking between the two suspiciously.

John gave Livia a stone-cold look and cleared his throat and began to talk once more, "Yes I'm a partner of her dad and he managed to introduce her to me" He said out rather calmly still looking at Livia who was locked away in her train of thoughts.

"Makes sense, well Livia as I just said this is my dad, and seeing as you two already know each other I don't have to introduce you," Angel said hugging John as he came around to sit beside her facing Livia.

Livia gulped and began to talk lightly, "H-he's your d-dad?" She asked shaking a bit while looking at Angel.

"Yes, he is why did you ask?" Angel asked Livia with a questioning look on her face. "Oh, i-it's nothing" Livia stammered out.

"Do you need some water?" Angel asked again which Livia nodded to. A lady later appeared with a glass of water along with some other women behind her bringing trays of what looked like food.

Livia quickly took the water, "Thank you" she said smiling lightly to the woman which she bowed gently to with a smile. Livia began to drink her water while looking at John who just smirked at her and lifted his platter starting to eat his food calmly.

"Um Angel," Livia said once she finished drinking her water. Angel looked up from her phone which Livia didn't even notice she had, Angel gave Liv a questioning look showing for her to continue which Livia soon did.

"Um, what am I exactly doing here," She asked a bit confused. "We will talk about that later tonight in private but for now just eat," Angel said coldly before returning her gaze to her phone.

Liv cleared her throat and looked down at the food that was placed before her on the table. Slowly taking up the fork placed beside the plate and started to pick at the food.

Angel looked over at Livia raising her eyebrow moving her eyes from her to the food in front of her. "Aren't you hungry or what?" Angel asked Livia who was still picking away at her food.

"No I'm just going to head back to the room, can one of you please help me to find my way around," Livia answered half-heartedly looking at the other persons sitting across her.

"Dad, can you follow her up to the last room on the third floor?" Angel nodded and asked John.

"Yes honey it's no problem," John said getting up with a smile plastered on his face. Livia froze looking at John arising from his seat.

John made his way towards Livia and started to walk away with Livia walking timidly behind him. As they made their way inside the elevator Liv looked beside her at John to see him already staring at her with a smirk. Liv blinked and looked away over to the buttons situated at the side of the elevator.

Livia was locked away in her train of thoughts when she finally heard the elevator ding and come to a halt. John took one last look at Livia before slowly creeping out of the elevator. While walking John looked behind to see Livia still standing side the elevator and said, "Are you coming or not bunny?"

Livia snapped out of her little daydream and started to slowly trod behind John who was smirking victoriously ahead of her. John finally came to a stop in front of a normal-sized white door, opening the door to seem like a gentleman John started to look around Livia's room and soon spotted the camera already covered with a piece of sheet.

John snorted with his 'all so glory' smirk still plastered on his face, he once again faced around to see Livia standing at the door shaking lightly and looking down at her fiddling fingers. Taking a step forward John walked out the door looking both ways before walking back into the room pushing Livia on the way inside and locking the door behind him.

Livia fell on the ground from the hard unexpected impact of the push John gave her, Livia looked up to see John walking slowly towards her while taking off his clothes. While catching sight of the action Liv's eye widened and she started to crawl backward shaking hoping to escape but sadly for her there was no escape.

Livia opened her mouth to scream but a hand came clamping over her mouth silencing the scream, "None of that now bunny I promise you'll like what we're about to do" John said close to Livia's ear. Livia started to trash around while screaming, but all of that was no use for nothing could stop what was about to happen. Or at least that's what Livia thought.

Livia finally gave up on trying to scream and escape, her body went limp in John's arm with a small sigh, John threw Livia on the bed across the room. Livia closed her eyes aware of what was about to come.

R.I.P that pussy ayy, I'm sorry

But all that sappy thought left her mind when there was a loud bang sounded in her room along with liquid running down Livia's face. And that was the last thing Livia heard before blacking out.

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