Chapter 25

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Hi guys, I hope you all are keeping safe. Here's another chapter for you❤️

~Third person's POV~

Xavior awakens to the soft music of birds chirping outside his window. He turns over to Victoria, where he sees her sleeping peacefully. It's unfortunate that he will be the one to disrupt her peaceful slumber as they have to prepare for the day's events. An idea suddenly pops into Xavior's head.

He quietly removes himself from the covers to not wake Victoria. He slowly makes his way out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen. He gave the kitchen maids the morning off as he did not want a large amount of people in his house when the important meeting takes place.

He prepares a very special breakfast that consists of crispy bacon, pancakes dripped in golden syrup as well as a steaming hot coffee. Victoria's favorite.

As he prepares breakfast, he hears Victoria coming down the stairs. He feels slightly upset as he wanted to surprise her with breakfast in bed.

Xavior opens his arms to welcome Victoria in his iron grip embrace. She gladly accepts his invitation and makes her way into his arms.

He holds her tightly while placing gentle kisses on her head. All Xavior can think about is how picture perfect this moment is and how he had long for a companion like her.

He pulls away from Victoria to continue the breakfast. Not long after, Victoria and Xavior are peacefully enjoying the meal Xavior prepared. Victoria cannot seem to shake off the unsettling feeling. She's too busy zoning in and out of her thoughts to comprehend that Xavior is actually speaking to her.

Victoria snaps out of her thoughts and focuses on Xavior. "I'm sorry, what was that?" Victoria asks feeling slightly guilty for not paying attention.

"Well, what I said was, everyone will be arriving at noon. " Xavior explains slowly as if he is speaking to a five year old.

All Victoria does is respond with a delicate nod. It's about 8:30 in the morning, leaving them enough time to get ready. Xavior can easily sense her discomfort and thinks of something to distract her. He ends up taking both of their empty plates to the kitchen to be washed later.

Victoria is still seated at the table with her hands, now, covering her face. She let's out a agitated sigh and lays her head down on her arms onto the table. All of a sudden, a song can be heard from the living room.

The song is slow and calming. Victoria smiles to herself as she realizes what's about to happen.

She gets up and walks over to the living room where she finds Xavior adjusting the volume of the speaker. After he is done, he bows down and extends his hand towards her.

"May I have this dance, milady" Xavior asks in an old fashion way. Victoria can't help but laugh at the way he looks in his gray sweats with no shirt.

But nevertheless, she gracefully puts her hand in his, allowing him to pull her into his arms. They begin to sway to the soft melodic rhythm of The Isley Brothers.

Victoria pulls herself closer to Xavior, having her cheek against his. He begins to sing the lyrics to her.

"Driftin' on a memory,
Ain't not place I'd rather be
Than with you...
Lovin' you..."

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