27. 𝕻𝖑𝖆𝖞

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"Isn't it so exciting? We get to see y/n and Tohru in a play!"

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"Isn't it so exciting? We get to see y/n and Tohru in a play!"

"Yea but be carful."

"Don't worry Hiro-chan. I know its crowded but I wont bump into anyone!" Kisa said with a big smile, although that's not what Hiro meant. There were a lot of men around (kam) and Kisa was a cute girl. 

Hiro and Kisa walked up to the school meeting Hatsuharu and Momiji at the entrance. "So remind me what the play is again?" Hiro asked as Haru picked Kisa up.

"Its cinderella-ish!" Momiji answers. 

"Yea but I don't know what that means."

"Exactly what he said; Cinderella-ish." Hatsuharu gave the most blunt reply, not helping with Hiro's question.

"What does 'ish' mean?!"

Backstage was a mess. You were helping Tohru with her makeup after finishing yours. she went over her script while you were doing her makeup. The girls and boys were in two separate rooms, you could only pray Kyo was cooperating. 

"Alight guys!! Were on!"

Hiroshi/narrator: "Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl known as Cinderella. Cinderella lived with her stepsister and mother. They tormented her because...reasons. Despite their cruelty, she remained kind"

Minami/Stepmother: Cinderella! Come out right now you retched girl!

Minami step onto the stage with Tohru fallowing behind. 

Minami/Step mother: Have you finished sowing our dresses yet. The ball is tonight-there's no time to waist!

Y/n/Cinderella: You're talking to me?

You sat on a chair sipping on your tea

Minami/Step mother: What are you doing!? If you're going to take a break it better be because you have finished our dresses!

Y/n/Cinderella: I'm not your personal seamstress. I don't even know how to sow. But if you want to look ridicules that's your business.

Minami/Step mother: No! You are going to sow our dresses!

She yelled in your face. You looked away from her with a straight face, looking at Tohru

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