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Hannah's pov

I woke up in a pile of people.

While that might sound like a dream come true, opening your eyes to four lightly dressed men sleeping with limbs entwined around each others and hearing the silent heavy breaths of to sleep coming from each of them where we're sharing each other's heat and there's no sense of personal space. I would more likely place it in the category of problematic.

First of all, there are three men plus me in this humongous bed. Three men. I am pretty certain I went to sleep with two.

Second, one of the two I fell asleep with last night, is no longer here. I can't see Jimin and I can't hear Jimin. Jimin is not here.

Replacing Jimin's side of the bed are Hoseok and Yoongi, but Hoseok is literally laying with his back across Yoongi's abdomen with his head resting on mine, even in the weird position, Yoongi has managed to stretch his arms across me both underneath my back and across my chest and his hands meets Jungkook's naked chest on the other side of me.

Jungkook was sleeping soundly, his hands literally on the inside of Hoseok's shirt through the neck of his t shirt and his legs were entwined with mine.

It's comfortably uncomfortable and completely out of my control. The feeling of belonging that rushes into my heart from the thought that they're comfortable enough around me to sleep in such a vulnerable and open way is enough to make my entire day even though it's just been a couple of minutes of being awake.

I have to stop myself when I feel tears pushing behind my eyes, the emotions of the situation almost vibrant and only enhanced by the bright peach colour surrounding Jungkook speaking silently about the love and contentment he is feeling even in his sleeping state. Good feelings, strong feelings.

I lifted hoseok far enough off my lap for me to be able to somehow disentangle myself from the web of arms and legs around me and the second I left the bed I saw no reason to worry about waking them as they all repositioned to hug each other before a collective sigh left them all as they continued sleeping deeply.

"Are you awake?" Namjoon voiced through our connection. It startled me for half a second before I remembered the silence I had woken up to wasn't the norm of my life. The random voices showing up in my head was.

"Bright and early" I answered him, hoping he could hear the smile on my face from hearing his voice even through the link.

"Do you want to go on an adventure with me?" He asked.

"An adventure?"

"Yes. Dress code is comfortable and we leave in ten minutes. Are you in?"

I giggled to myself as I made my way to my suitcase to grab something suited for the description before I made my way to the bathroom.

"Deal, see you in ten." I said back while hurriedly sticking my toothbrush under the running water of the faucet.

I looked a mess, my curly hair was everywhere, my eyes looked tired and I had an obvious flush to my entire body after sleeping under all that body heat for what I assume was the most of the night. I parted my hair and gathered half of it in a bun on top and then I splashed some water in my face. Ten minutes didn't really give much room for pampering, but I thought I'd done well with the time provided when I looked in the mirror with one minute to spare, my face looking more awake, hair still a mess but I was used to that, and feeling comfortable and a little cute in my outfit consisting of a pair of black tights, a tank top and a green checkered flannel shirt.

Namjoon met me in the kitchen wearing a similar outfit, well not similar necessarily in looks but similar in occasion, he too looked comfy and cute in a pair of loose fitting black joggers, and an oversized long sleeved jumper. The second I laid my eyes on him I could feel butterflies erupt from my stomach.

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