Chapter nineteen

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Emily POV

I glanced at my wristwatch as I typed few words to my phone.

Mark Hummington has been texting me since our last encountered in the company building.

Mark and I had been more than friends in the past. But he left a year ago to his home town and said he need to work things out there. I supported his decision and happily set him off.

We didn't broke out actually. It's just that when he landed in his hometown. He begun to fade away like no text, no calls. Sorry but I am not the type of girl who will act as desperate girlfriend and will demand about it.

I let it be like that till I didn't care at all. For me , it's like a silent break up.

Mark is a handsome yet so much alluring about him. He works as a model just like me in the same agency where I'm in.

I didn't know what happened back then. But I felt like now it's strange how he wants to communicate all the sudden.

Sorry I can't!

I typed the words and pressed send to him.

He's been constantly asking to go out with him but I refused each time.

My life has never been the same since I had Emerald. Spending time with her is my ultimate priority not by a sudden communication with my ex.

Em I just want to catch up with you. Or maybe you can send me your address and I'll visit you. That would be better!

Groaning, why can't this guy take a hint that I don't want to? What does he think that he can barge into my life again and just pretend nothing happened?

I'm sorry but I don't give my address to anyone.

That's what I response to him.

Then my phone beeps again telling another message received.

Come on Em! I just want to catch up with you.

Contemplating what will I answered to him. I decided to be honest and be straight to him.

I told you , I already have a baby, a daughter. Catching up with me it's futile.

I said as I tried to sway him away from my words.

My phone beeps again and I mentally cursed. How can this guy can't get anything at all?

I don't care! I would love to meet your daughter actually!

That is something I didn't expected of him. How come he's still interested in someone like me?

At the end , we agreed to meet in the park were we usually meet during the days when we are together.

Mark is a simple person. One thing I like about him. He doesn't like to pry on my business and just wanted to have time together. That's why it's shocking how things ended between us. We both love our privacy and private life.

I stopped and parked my car at the side of the park. Emerald still sleeping in her baby seat. I carried her and locked the door of my car.

Just as I saw Mark sitting on our usual spot. He glanced at me and I swear I saw a glint of joy when his eyes focused on my daughter.

"Hi!" I said as I stand in front of him.

"Wow! She really is your daughter. She is so pretty and beautiful!" He said and smile at Emerald hovering over her. " Can I carry her Em?" He said and that caught me off guard.

"You want to carry her?" I said out of bewilderment.

"Yup!" He extend his arms and ready. He took her and Emerald stilled at her sleep. She opened her green eyes and saw unfamiliar face , earning a cute frown on her forehead.

"Hi pretty girl!" Mark said and she smiled at her slowly. Thank goodness I thought she will get hysterical and will turn tantrums but it's opposite. She smiled at her and giggled when Mark lifter her up.

"I didn't think you're fond of babies!" I said as I tried to bring my composed.

"Well! You need to learn more about me. And don't worry this time I am here to stay!" He said with Emerald on his arms.

We both took a sit and I swear Emerald looks so happy in Mark arms.

"So?" He said while he give a side glance cause his eyes focused on Emerald.


"Can we start again Em? I am sorry for not being with you. Also for not contacting you. I caught up with so much work and issues of my family!" He said looking at me seriously.

"It's ok Mark! I can understand that! But I think it's not good to restart what we just stopped! I already move on and as you can see, I have Emerald now, she's my ultimate priority now!' I explained to him.

"I know! I can see it through your eyes how happy you are with her! But I don't care if you have a baby Em! That won't makes me less love you!" He said and I stared at him. How can he say something like that?

"You don't love me Mark. If you are, you won't leave me without any explanation or just contact me! I am sorry but I don't want to continue whatever we had in the past!" I said to him. I am trying to be calm and composed while talking to him.

I mean I really do understand that he has some important things to do back then. But if he was serious back then it's just normal he will contacted me right?

"Em, I am really sorry about leaving you. I regreted that part where I didn't contacted you. But please if you give me a chance, I will do my best so you will love me again!" He said to me.

Urrgg! I hate to do this! But I can't bring myself to love him again after what happened. Also, I have more important things to do and need to focus not just for myself but to my little girl Emerald.

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