Chapter : Forty-One

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__Author's POV__

Zhan turned back following the voice. His face expression changed from frighten to anger as soon as he saw his mother, standing on the door smiling.

"Ohh. My baby. Mom is here. Come here." Zhan's mom said smiling.

Yibo looked at Zhan, he knew Zhan don't like his mom but now that, she is standing in front of him. Yibo was confused what to react.

Zhan took few step closer to his mother and stood crossing his arm in chest.

"Hahahaha.. So, my sub conscious was telling me the truth. Mnn.. Mrs. Yan Wan, what are you doing here?"

Zhan said, his face expression was something difficult to point out, some anger, sadness, disappointment everything he faced bad can easily seen on his face.

"Come on baby, call me mom. And, I'm here to see you. I'm here to see my baby, how he is doing. And,  I'm really sad that, nobody informed me about your marriage. I'm your mother. I have the right to know." Mrs. Yan Wan said and hold Zhan's hand.

Zhan shook off her hand with disgust.

"Zhan, what's with your behaviour. I'm your mom. And, you are behaving like this?" She complained.

"Shut the fuck up. You are not my mom. So, just shut up and stop calling yourself my mom. Do you understand, what I'm saying?!!" Zhan shouted with his top voice.

"Zhan!!" Zhan's mom shouted back.

"I'm your mom and that's the fact. You can't change it." She said.

"Hahaha!! Mom?! Fact?! this is my bad. I wish I could change it. I wish I could." Zhan said, laughing.

Zhan was laughing but, deep inside his heart he is having worst pain. The person, he should love most, but he hate most, his mother and now, she is standing Infront of him. All pains, loneliness he spend in his childhood just peeking around his mind. Everything, every bad things he experienced making him more disgust about the person, who was standing in front of him, his mother.

"Zhan, it will be better if you talk to me with respect. I'm your mom and, you shouldn't forgot that. Although, I have came just to see you and your younger brother." She said, trying to approaching Zhan.

"What should I do? Should I laugh or cry.. what should I do? You call yourself mother and you don't even know, your sons name. Wow!! What a mother." Zhan said, mocking.

"Jiyang. My name is Jiyang." Jiyang replied, entering the mansion with Mr. Xiao.

"What are you doing here now? Ruining our peace? My sons peace? Why are you here??" Mr. Xiao asked, in anger.

Yibo and whole family was standing there watching and wondering about the woman, who call herself Zhan's mother. To be a mother, honestly you need some qualifications but, in her there is nothing.

Now, this time Mrs. Yan Wan didn't say anything but just looked down.

"Mom, when she came?" Zhan asked, smiling at Mrs. Wang.

"Yesterday at afternoon." Mrs. Wang replied.

"Ahh..she was the reason, you asked us to come late. You worry too much." Zhan said, cupping Mrs.  Wang's face.

Mrs. Wang smiled, " I didn't want you to be sad. Are you okay, son?."

"Aiya!! Mom, I'm good. Look at me. Just little disgust about someone. But, later or earlier. I have to face this." Zhan replied.

" are calling her mom. But not me. Why? I'm your mother, your biological mother and she? Who is she? Why are you calling her mom. She is not your mom." Mrs. Yan Wan said.

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