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Name: y/n red

Titles: apocalypse dragon, true red dragon god emperor, true dragon, dragon of dreams, the glorious red god of dreams, great red, red

Age: unknown/ since the concept of dreams first began.

Height decided: 5'9

Hair: f/c

Eyes: gold

Clothes: a gold colored shirt, pitch black jeans, red running shoes, an opened up red jacket with gold accents, and a black necklace with a dragon curled around the world hanging from it.

Dream realization: unlike most people in the supernatural, great red's ability is to make the thoughts and dreams he or anything in existence become reality. Meaning he can make a sun the size of the universe appear to his hand, have his skin be able to divide anything it touches by zero, create life from nothing, have someone be trapped by all the things they thought of over there life, rewind time, warping cause and effect, bringing the dead back to life, repairing anything he desires, fuse universes, create an entire harem made up of women from fiction and through the thoughts and dreams of all things, restart the Big Bang, summon forth dark matter, control the vectors of whatever he wishes, become immortal, and much much much much much much much much-

Infinite years later

Much much much much MUCH much more.

(So what do you guys think of yourself? Also once I start making the prologue and chapters after that. Please try to comment whatever you have in mind or your thoughts on each of the chapters, since your comments encourage me to continue writing and improving this book.)

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