Chapter vote UPDATE

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Before I make the next few chapters. I want to know if you guys are ok with a few chapters of you working on and pretty much physically and mentally torturing a few of the people you choose from DXD to train and meet.

Cause if you aren't, I'll just make a Bio for them that you can read and get the rundown of all the changes I made to them. Then in the next chapter begin where the anime started itself off.

Now, which do you prefer I should go with?

Make a introductory chapter for every person you decided to train


Make a bio telling all the differences, Skip to the point in the anime

By the way, just putting a vote means you picked the introductory chapter for each.

Well, I just gone done with the Akeno chapter and I gotta say.

I both love and hate my decision in not just making a large bio for everyone. Cause I can mix things up as much as I can in the middle of writing, but on the other hand....

I still have koneko, kiba, and gasper before I can go anywhere near where the anime started.

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