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The sun shined dazzling as it stares down at the eight of you happily talking and enjoying each other's company.

After what happened with Hoseok last night, you expected the awkwardness to show itself the next day but Hoseok's mood didn't let that happen and acted like nothing can make you and him awkward with each other.

You planned to consume the rest of the day with the boys likewise if they're not busy and occupied with their so-called work. This is going to be a fun day.

Last night with Yoongi, you didn't understand what Yoongi meant that he wished to have a little bonding with you but of course, you agreed since you can't spend time with Yoongi these past few days.

"What's up Y/N?" Jungkook scoots closer to you on the couch and placed his left arm behind you to let it rest. He might've noticed you spacing out a bit. Well, entirely.

You shook your head and smiled. "Nothing. I was just planning to spend the day with the seven of you." So straightforward of you Y/N.

Jungkook nodded at the idea of you and his fellow brothers laughing and smiling at the garden, eating barbeque like the picnic you just had. He smiled remembering all those moments all of you established.

"That's great. I'm sure the hyungs would love to be with you for the rest of the day, just like what I'm feeling right now." Even he behaved like some of the men you encountered.

You didn't reply for a moment, thinking about the happenings around you and immediately he thought: you were disturbed by something he can't guess. While staring at you, his eyes shifted to your heart-shaped lips. It looked soft to his eyes.

"Hey, people in this house!" Jimin yelled from upstairs as he looks down to the living to see you and Jungkook. He smiled. "Hi Y/N! Hi Jungkook." He waved happily and rushed downstairs towards the two of you.

Jin followed behind Jimin as he put on a frowning face. "It's early in the morning yet you're so loud Jimin." He rubbed his puffy eyes and yawned before smiling brightly.

"Good morning sleepyheads!" He shouted louder than Jimin's yell to tease him which earned a few laughs and some groans from the people who woke up because of it. Meanwhile, you and Jungkook stared at the eldest and younger and mock each other.

"What's happening down here?" Namjoon said groggily as he just woke up from his deep sleep. Aw man, he was just about to get to the exciting part of his dream. He frowned.

You burst into laughter and tried to catch your breath once you lacked. This was so entertaining to watch. You didn't notice but felt the gazes of the men around you while you almost lay down laughing.

Everyone that wasn't awake yet but now is, came out of their chambers and their forehead crinkled as they were greeted by an unprecedented perspective. Even the annoyed Yoongi, had his eyes wide open. Everyone was now awake because of Jin.

"Hyung did wake you guys up." Jungkook chuckles with Jimin. His hyungs must be pretty annoyed by how the eldest ruined their sleep but they couldn't complain since Jin might throw some rapping skills.

Namjoon chuckled showing the two dimples that grew noticeable once he shows a smile. Hoseok, however, rubbed the back of his neck and stretched it a bit, presenting signs that he was still sleepy. Well, Taehyung was pouting the whole time with his eyes still closed. He looked so adorable.

Jin didn't care about the sleepy boys who wanted to hug their beds again. "Time for breakfast everyone!" He clapped and went down the stairs towards the kitchen, probably preparing the dishes.

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