Chapter 49: The Bond

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 This chapter contains violence and torture!

The thrum of her beating heart drowned everything out as she was dragged outside. Around her, wolves laughed and jeered at her haggard state, her eyes frantically looking around.

Leanna didn't recognize a single person in the crowd and as she climbed to her knees, a foot collided with her jaw. Blood splattered the ground as she coughed. A kick to her chest sent her sprawling back, and she wheezed, her lungs burning.

"You see this? This is weakness!" Rick announced, the wolves whooping around them, stomping their feet.

She didn't have time to recover before she was hit in the ribs again. The bone broke from the force and she screamed, rolling on her side. The abuse was unrelenting, not an inch left unharmed. At one point, she blacked out, but was pulled back quickly with the help of the witch.

"You don't get to escape that easily, Luna," Rick sneered. "I have a special surprise for you. Someone get her up."

Two walked over to her, a man and woman, wearing equal looks of sadistic joy. They hauled her to her knees as the crowd parted. Her head hung down, blood dripping from her lips and nose as she breathed through the pain. It was becoming increasingly hard to stay alert.

"Now isn't this a pretty picture?" A familiar voice crooned.

Cold fingers gripped Leanna's chin, forcing her head up. Maya stared down at her with a wicked grin, her dark eyes menacing.

"You've met my cousin, haven't you?" Rick raised an eyebrow, smirking.

Leanna coughed, spitting a glob of blood at Maya's feet. She met the she-wolf's crazed eyes, letting out a breathless laugh,

"I'm not surprised. The crazy is clearly genetic."

Maya's fist connected with her jaw and though it hurt, it was worth it.

"We have a lot of catching up to do," Maya mused, walking around the Luna slowly.

The crazed wolf reared back, her hand clawed. Before she could strike, Rick interevened, grabbing her wrist.

"You forgot a step," he reminded her, and she let out an excited gasp.

"How could I forget?!"

The excitement on their faces was enough to make Leanna wary. Whatever it was they had planned, it couldn't be good.

"Vincent! Come join the fun! You're going to miss the best part!' Rick called out, turning as the crowd parted once again.

Leanna's heart began to hammer in her chest as her former mate made his way through, his gray eyes catching hers immediately. A wave of something overcame her and it took a few moments to realize what it was.


Her eyes grew dark, a snarl breaking through. She pulled on the arms holding her, nearly shooting free before they regained their hold.

"Woah! That made her feisty! Yes, this is what I want. Show me that anger, sweet little Luna!" Rick taunted her gleefully, practically jumping.

Her only response was a roar strong enough to make her ears ring.

"You've become disrespectful," Vincent snapped, annoyance coloring his face.

"And you've become weak!' She shot back, breathing hard.

It was clear in his appearance that he was only a ghost of the man he once was. His skin was stretched tight across his face and arms, dark bruises beneath his eyes. She could almost feel bad for him.

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