Chapter 14

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"Hello Mr Barnes. I've been sent by the United Nations to evaluate you. Do you mind if I sit?" The Dr sat opposite Bucky in his confinement. "You're first name is James?" He continued, his voice playing through speakers. Steve watched before it switched off.

"The receipt for your gear." Sharon handed Sam a small piece of paper.

"Bird costume? Come on." Sam says in frustration. "Hey I didn't write it." The blonde woman defended before pushing a button, resuming the cameras of Barnes and the doctor with him.

"I'm not here to judge you. I just want to ask you a few questions. Do you know where you are, James?" The doctor asked, Bucky's head remained fixated, looking at the floor. "I can't help you if you don't talk to me, James."

"My name is Bucky." He retorted in a raspy voice. 

Steve stared at a security image of 'Bucky' before turning to Sharon, "why would the task force release this photo to begin with?"
"Get the word out, involve as many eyes as we can?" She suggested. "Right. It's a good way to flush a guy out of hiding. Set off a bomb, get your picture taken. Get seven billion people looking for the Winter Soldier." Steve replied.

"You're saying someone framed him to find him?" Sharon questioned. "Steve, we looked for the guy for two years and found nothing." Sam pointed out. "We didn't bomb the UN. That turns a lot of heads." Steve replied.

"Yeah, but that doesn't guarantee that whoever framed him would get him. It guarantees that we would." Sharon said before her attention was turned back to the screen. "Yeah." Steve agreed, his eyes also peering at the doctor on the screen.

"Tell me Bucky. you've seen a great deal, haven't you?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Bucky replied, his eyes fixated harshly at the man sitting outside his containment. "You fear that if you open your mouth, the horrors might never stop. Don't worry. We only have to talk about one." The doctors expression became for sinister, his eyes staring coldly at the contained super soldier behind his glasses.

Before any conversation could continue, the building went dark, the power completely gone leaving only small emergency red lights dimly flashing. "Come on guys, get me eyes on Barnes." Everett Ross said worriedly into his comms.

"FRIDAY, get me a source on that outage." Tony said to his AI, tapping the side of his glasses.

"Sub-level five, Eat wing." Sharon informed Steve and Sam who took off, leaving everyone else in the room.

"What the hell is this?" Bucky asked, slightly more hostile than before. "Why don't we discuss your home?" The doctor said, avoiding Bucky's question. "Not Romania. Certainly not Brooklyn, no. I mean your real home." He continues, holding up a crimson coloured book with a black star symbol on it. 

(All words in italics are spoken in Russian)


"No." Bucky whispered, his face morphing into sudden fear of the words.


"Stop." He begged.


"Stop," He pleaded louder, his metal arm tensing into a fist while still remaining bound down.


Bucky's screams filled the tense air of the room, the words were triggering the winter soldier within as he desperately tried to break free.  His metal arm ripped through the metal holding him down, before ripping the other off of his flesh arm.

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