Chapter twenty one

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Daniel POV

After a very tiring day in the office. Hectic schedule and some non stop meetings from business ventures I felt like I need to recharge for awhile. I hurriedly packed my things ready to go home to the two beautiful girls I can now proudly say I have my own family.

Out of my excitement I stopped by the cafe where Emily favorite chocolate cake displayed. I ordered one and some chocolate ice cream. That woman even though she's a model she loves to eat food that are not allowed for models.

She loves to eat, burgers, fries, spaghetti but I wonder where did that foods go? She's so sexy despite of it. She was even undergo pregnancy but her body is still the same sexy and hot.

We been casually treated each other. And today I wanted to ask him to go on a date with me. Yes! I been having hectic schedule , to speed up my work so that I can asked my father for a leave for work.

I am planning taking both of them in my private island. I just bought it and I wanted both of them to see it first and foremost.

Also, I want to take our relationship to the next level. I am gonna ask her to be my girlfriend. I don't care if she laughed at me since long time ago I been telling her that she's not my type or I hated her. 

Truthfully since we are young I grown a crush on her. It's just that she's to oblivious of it and hated it. That's why I keep pestering her till we became grown up. I know it's such a dick move but I can't help it. She's the only girl I knew who never waver or affected by my presence.

When I reached her house I instantly know that she's not there since I didn't see any lights coming from the it. Which is unusual at all since Em always at home at this hour. Where did she go at this time of the day? I asked myself as I opened the door of her house.

Yup! I have my own spare key of her house since I want to be always be here to them so I asked her for a duplicate key. She's been hesitant at first but I told her that it's for the best emergency purpose. They both leave alone together, so I can't help but to worry about them especially when I am not around.

So I put the cake in the table and started to prepare dinner. Yes! When I am here I always cook food for her. I even clean the house, sometimes I do the laundry too. It's my way of showing her that I am ready and I can be a good father and a husband for them.

I love her so much both of them. I can't imagine life without them. There like my light when I needed the most. Having Emerald is the best thing in the world.

My mere thoughts about my family have been hastened when I heard an engine coming. I automatically assumed that it's Em. So I hurriedly went to the front door only to find out she's not alone but with a guy. Yes a guy and I want to entangled that guy body for looking both them like that. I hate the way he looked both of them.

He was about to hug Emily and I hurriedly took a move to gain his attention. I cleared my throat wanting to falter whatever he have in mind right now. I won't let any guy stole them away from me, over my dead body. They are both mine, mine. My family, my very own.

The guy introduced himself to me and out of courtesy I also introduced myself. Then he recognized me, of course my family is well known. To be more precise and want to stick my claim. I told him that I am Emerald's father. I didn't miss how he's taken aback of what I said. Like I care anyway.

I think Emily noticed the tension between the two of us. She said goodbye to him and said that she will put Emerald to her room which I am glad. Since I hated how the guy soften his eyes when he looked at Emily. How dare him? 😠😡😠😡

I followed Emily in here room since I want to know why and what is that guy doing with them? But she just shrugged her shoulder like it's nothing making me even more furious.

She walked passed me and I went to the kitchen to grab some food cause she's hungry leaving me mad and furious. I followed her and demanded her to answer my questions.

"Don't you dare walk out on me Em!" I said as I looked at her while she's scoop an amount of food to her mouth. Goodness I just want to kiss her pretty badly. How can she looks so cute and sexy just by simply eating?

"Daniel I don't understand why you're asking me that kind of questions? I mean I have my own will ok? I can do whatever I want!" She said while gulping her food. I frown looking at her as I can't help but to feel mad at her. How can she say something like that to me? Isn't it obvious?

"Of course I need to know! You know you both are my family now. I don't want any other guy gets close to both of you!"

"I know we are family Daniel ever since we are young. But you don't have to say something like that you don't want other guy close to us!" She said to me.

"What do you mean? Do you want to get to other guy then?"

"Oh come on! Whether I want to be or not it's not of your business Daniel!" She said to me.

This woman really know how to screw my patience.

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