Ch.5: Not Right.

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Song: The Hardest Button to Button - The White Stripes.

The kids kept running in the abandoned department as a giant Ironclad Ghoul follows them with rage destroying everything on its path.

The Ironclads were the most hard to defeat ghouls since the only soft spot that they had were their eyes, and you needed to shot the two eyes to kill them. However, they were easy to avoid since an Ironclad will hunt down humans and ghouls that disturbed them or if they were in a bad mood.

“Over here!” the little boy grabs his friend’s hand and runs to the hall on his right. At the end of the hall, there was a broken window and they could see a chain hanging in front of it.

“T-That’s a dead end! We can’t jump, the fall will kill us” she yells at him.

“Trust me” the boy smiles reassuringly at her.

She looks at his eyes and nods “I trust you”

The boy holds her by the waist lifting her up from the ground and jumps through the window grabbing the hanging chain that swings their bodies forward.

The Ironclad Ghoul jumps through the window as well and tries to reach to the children but fails falling to the ground.

When the chain goes back to the window, the boy holds her tighter while letting the chain off to grab the window’s frame.

The children enter back to the tall apartment and they look back to the window seeing the Ironclad running to the other side following another unfortunate people.

Breathing heavily, they look at each other and start laughing while sitting on the ground.

They stop laughing when they see a normal ghoul running towards them, the boy quickly stands up putting himself in front of the girl and taking the butterfly knife from his pocket but before the ghoul could reach them, a gunshot is heard on the hallway and a second after, the ghoul falls down on the ground.

Behind the ghoul, there was a young girl with a gun and even when the boy see her with a blurry face, he managed to see a smirk on her face and a dirty white hair.

“You idiot” he puts the knife back to his pocket “The sound of the gunshot must have called the attention of other ghouls around”

The girl tilts her head and laughs “The correct word is ‘Thank you’, also, you brought the Ironclad here and made quite a fuss, I was sleeping in one of the rooms here” he noticed that she had some kind of Russian accent.

The little girl stands up hiding herself behind the black haired boy.

“T-Thanks” she mutters looking at the girl with a gun to then looks back at her friend “W-We should find a place to sleep before it gets dark”

He looks at his friend and nods “Let’s go” he holds her hand.

“Wait!” the other girl runs towards them making them turn around “I have a hiding place a floor above, there are no ghouls up there” she smiles at the little girl.

Her friend glares at her and puts her behind him, hiding her from the sight of the stranger.

“We are not afraid of ghouls” he says “We are more wary of others humans”

“I just saved your lives” there was confusion on her voice.

“Sorry…” the girl speaks up “We trusted a group time ago and after a couple of days, the leader t-tried to use us to feed his mutant pets” she looks down holding tighter the shirt of her friend.

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