Chapter Nine

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Nicolas pov

It felt nice spending time with my family last night i was so happy that the kids accepted me now all i have to do is win jessie over. When i arrived at my company my secretary Theo came over to escort me to my office yeah you heard that right i hired a guy as my secretary i didn't want to risk losing jessie again because of a female secretary who only wants my money I've heard it happens alot and besides Theo is more efficient (I'm not saying female secretary aren't also efficient though). I was busy thinking of ways to get jessie to forgive me when my brother Ashton came in

"Hey bro" he said

"Hey" i said lazily

"What's up with Jess has she forgiven you yet" Ashton asked

"I'm still working on it" i sighed

It's going to be difficult though. You know i treated her like crap when we were still together and now I'm busy suffering for it guess karma's a b*tch. I deserve it though. Remember the day you saw me with Sophie at a dinner party and warned me to stay away from her because she will only end up destroying my marriage

After Sophie and i snuck out of the dinner party immediately my lips met hers

"Hey bro i wanted to ask you is going on here" Ashton yelled

"Look i can explain Ashton" i said

Sophie was busy crying i felt bad for her

"Shush baby" i cooed

"Nicolas wtf are you doing with her you know she's just a wh*re who will only end up destroying your relationship with Jess" he said

It was like my hands had a mind of their own i punched him i was satisfied when i heard a crack. He stood up and looked at the both of us

"You guys deserve each other but poor Jess doesn't deserve any of this i feel ashamed to even call you my brother" and with that he left

~Flashback Ends~

"God i was so stupid and you were only trying to help me back then if i had listened Jessie would still be with me right now we would have been so happy with the kids also. We would have been a happy family and i f*cked that up" i cried

"Enough Nick now is not the time for this you have to work to earn her forgiveness before it's too late" he said

"What do you mean Ash" i asked

"You know mom has always considered her as one of her very own i over heard her talking to one of her friends you remember katie right they are setting up a blind date for Jess and her son Paul " he said as he massaged his forehead

"No!! mom can't do that i love her i can't live without my wife" i cried

" Well mom doesn't think so that's why you have to act fast. I have to go bro good luck" he hugged me and left

Why mom why!!!

"I can't lose Jessie again i just can't. I have to fight for her" i said as i threw everything that was on my desk.
I Can't Lose You Jessie

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