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Back at the compound, Klaus was pacing on the hard concrete tiles in the courtyard, thinking deeply about what he had just done. He knew it was wrong. But his paranoia had got the better of him and he couldn't let Anna live. It had been hours since he abandoned his siblings in Dumaine street. He worried if they would ever forgive him. Surely they would have to. For a while, Klaus' steps echoing  throughout the compound was the only noise he could hear. Until he heard the door slam. Freya and Kol walked in, glaring angrily and their brother. Elijah and Rebekah came in right behind them, supporting Anna as they walked.
"What is this?" Klaus growled, pointing at Anna.
"We managed to save our sister, without your help." Freya replied crossing her arms. Klaus paused.
"I mean, what is she doing here?"
"She lives here now." 
"And you really think i'm going to let that happen?"
"It isn't your house, Klaus. Why don't you change your name on the deed and then we can talk." His siblings were angry. And rightfully so.
"I'll take you to your room, Anna." Rebekah said. Anna was shivering, Elijahs jacket around her shoulders, keeping her warm. She was pale. Too pale. The bags under her eyes were a dark purple and she still clung onto her stomach as if the pain still lingered. Compared to her siblings, she was very short. Probably because she was stuck inside the body of a 15 year old girl but also because she had just almost been killed by an 1000 year old curse. Rebekah and Elijah both had a hand on her back and guided her up the stairs and to her room.
"This wont end well. I'm telling you now, shes up to something."
"You're paranoid, Klaus. Out of all people, you should understand her. A hybrid seen as an abomination and abandoned by their family."
"We can't abandon her if we never knew her."
"I mean her pack, Klaus." He couldnt look his siblings in the eye anymore. He just listened as he stared at the floor. "If you don't want to live under the same roof as her, fine. But you be the one to leave."  Freya and Kol walked away.
"She's just a kid, Klaus. A kid who wants to be loved. I know how that feels and I know you do too." Marcels hand reached up and patted Klaus' shoulder and then he walked away too.

Days went by. Then weeks. Klaus spent most of his time out of the compound, avoiding his siblings to the best of his abilities. Anna on the other hand, was recovering. Most of her time was spent in bed or with her siblings. She had gotten closer to Freya as they had bonded over witchcraft and Anna even offered to help out in the spell to wake Hayley. Rebekah and Elijah did their best to find things that Anna might relate to, most of which were associated to centuries ago. After 1000 years of waiting, she finally had a family. But something was still off and she hadn't figured it out yet. Whenever Klaus was at home, he and Anna couldn't be left in a room together without them starting a fight about something or other which angered the rest of the Mikaelsons. Eventually they all got tired of the same cycle of them getting into a fight then Klaus storming out before coming back and starting over again. Freya waited until Klaus and Anna were stuck in a room together before bursting in.
"Brother. Sister. I have a surprise for the two of you. And you probably wont like it."

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