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"What are you doing with my son?"

Jeongin furrowed his brows as he moved away from the woman who was giving him a heavy glare. It wasn't until Hyunjin rushed over a wave of relief coming over him when he noticed Taehyun was okay. Though it was short lasted when he got sight of the woman standing in front of the two.

"What are you doing here?" He asked with narrowed eyes as he looked at the woman who gave him a smile. "I wanted to talk. I got word from-" She started but was quickly cut off by Hyunjin. "There's nothing to talk about." He muttered coldly.

"Taehyun is my son, I have the right to see him as his Eomma." She exclaimed making Hyunjin go silent. Jeongin could feel the tension rising between the two Alpha's, his own worrying starting to mix in. "Eomma?" Taehyun asked look at the lady with a confused look. She turned her head to him giving a smile as she looked at the boy. "Your..my Eomma?" He mumbled softly as he looked over the woman.

"Your not as pretty as Innie." The small Alpha said blankly. Jeongins cheeks puffed red and he quickly set Taehyun down. The woman narrowed her eyes on Jeongin who nervously gulped and gave a small laugh as he patted the boy on the head.

"Never thought you'd be one to go for a lowly omega." She mumbled looking over Jeongin who bit his lip to refrain from saying something. Who the hell did this woman think she was saying that kind of stuff. "As I was saying I want to talk. I know that it's sudden but I really want to be apart of Taehyun's life as his mother." She said looking at Hyunjin who scoffed.

"You lost that chance a long time ago, now if you excuse us we where just leaving. "

The Alpha took his son's hand as he wrapped his arm around Jeongin and rushed away with the two fuming in anger. Taehyun stayed quiet as well trying to keep up with his Appa. "Hyunjin-ssi slow down." Jeongin said as he stopped walking taking the Alpha's arm from around his waist with a frown. Hyunjin paused looking at the other with a sigh. "Sorry." He muttered as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"Appa are you mad at TaeTae?" Taehyun asked with teary eyes as he looked around at the floor nervously. "No, no of course not baby." Hyunjin said as he quickly lifted the boy into his arms wiping away his tears.

"You didn't do anything wrong okay Taehyunnie, how about we go home and watch a movie?" Hyunjin asked as he gave a sweet smile to Taehyun who sniffled and nodded. Jeongin smiled at the scene as he walked a bit behind the two. Making their way out of the mall and to the car Hyunjin was met with Minho who rushed over. "I got notice from Mark that she was here is everything-"

"Its fine Hyung."Hyunjin said as he gave a reassuring smile toward Minho who gave a relieved sigh. "We should get going. We'll talk about it tomorrow." Hyunjin said as he opened the car door and placed Taehyun down in his carseat, buckling the small boy up. Jeongin quickly got into the car as well saying a quick goodbye to Minho as he did. The whole ride back was full of an awkward tension that even Taehyun didn't dare to speak. Jeongin could tell Hyunjin was stressed by the constant signs and his fingers tapping every few seconds on the steering wheel as he drove.

It wasn't until they got back when he said something hoping to brake the tension for everyone. "How about we stay up and eat snacks all night?" Jeongin said as he looked at Taehyun who's eyes lit up with excitement. "Appa can we really? Pretty Pretty Please!" The tiny Alpha squealed with excitement.

What ever had been stressing out Hyunjin before quickly disappeared at seeing his son's excited expression. Smiling back he gave a small nod. "Dont go over board on the sugar."

Opening the door Taehyun practically sprinted inside after taking off his shoes. He headed straight for the kitchen pulling his tiny stool over and getting on it to reach the cabinets. Jeongin followed after small giggles leaving him as he reached up and helped Taehyun take the snacks out.

Hyunjin on the other hand was in the living room placing blankets and pillows over the large couch as he waited for the other two to come.

Taehyun had decided on popcorn along with goldfish, gummy worms, pretzels and finally his chocolate milk that he had to have. Jeongin ended up carrying most of it while Taehyun held the bowl of gummy worms and his cup of chocolate milk that he convinced Jeongin he could carry himself cause he was a big boy now.

Placing the stuff on the coffee table Taehyun rushed jumped on the couch snuggling under the blanket next to Hyunjin who was turning on the TV.

"Okay what movie do you want to watch?"He asked as he scrolled through the children's movies. "Frozen 2!" Taehyun exclaimed with a bright smile as he pointed toward the TV. "Okay Frozen 2 it is." Hyunjin said as he clicked on the movie.

Jeongin smiled as he set down the candy and chips on the coffee table before making his way toward his bag. Glancing back at the two he gave a small smile as he reached for his keys on the hook. "Innie?" Taehyun called as he looked over trying to find the omega who had been standing there a few seconds ago. Standing up on the couch he looked back to see Jeongin already grabbing his things to leave.

"Inniee where are you going, aren't you gonna watch Frozen?" Taehyun asked as he pouted a bit watching the other grab his jacket.

"I don't think so, your App-"

"Appa doesn't care Innie. Please stay and watch Frozen with me?" Taehyun said with a trembling bottom lip. Not wanting the small boy to burst out crying Jeongin quickly set his stuff down and headed toward the couch. "Here Innie you can sit by Appa." Taehyun said quickly as he moved over and patted the spot next to his father. Sitting down Jeongin awkwardly tensed up as he kept his arms and legs close so he wouldn't be invading Hyunjin's space.

Taehyun smiled innocently as he crawled into Jeongins lap. Turning his attention to the movie.

After finishing a bowl of gummy worms, and getting halfway through the movie Taehyun fell asleep leaving Hyunjin and Jeongin still watching the movie. Jeongin played with the small boys hair gently running his fingers through the soft dark locks. "Do you need to leave?" Hyunjin asked looking at Jeongin who glanced at the time on his phone. "Ah, yeah though I need a ride." He said shyly. Nodding Hyunjin stood up and lifted Taehyun from the others lap.

"I can give you a ride if you need." Hyunjin said as he looked at Jeongin who nodded. "What about Taehyun?" He asked as he watched the Alpha carry the small boy upstairs. "I have a body guard just outside." Hyunjin said as he gestured toward the front door.

With a slow nod Jeongin stood from the couch and grabbed the empty pop corn bowl. "Dont worry about cleaning up." Hyunjin commented as he stopped stopped a second.

With that Jeongin grabbed his stuff and patiently waited for the Alpha to come back. Hyunjin came back downstairs a few minutes later keys in hand as he walked toward the door. "Shall we?" He asked looking at the Omega who smiled with a nod.

Heading outside they walked toward the black car. Getting in Jeongin set his stuff down and buckled up waiting for Hyunjin to get in and start the car.

The ride was silent between the two, the light him of the radio being the only noise in the car.

Pulling up to the apartment complex Hyunjin stopped and unlocked the car, looking over at Jeongin who was grabbing his stuff. "Thanks for the ride." Jeongin said with a small smile as he looked at the Alpha who smiled back with a nod.

"Your welcome."

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