Shenanigans 3

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(Y/N) did not know what to expect we she dragged herself downstairs one morning when she heard frantic banging at the door. She could guess Ace and Deuce had done something stupid and were here to ask her to fix it or they were trying to hide from Riddle.
She was pretty close on that first guess.
She opened the door, Swampert grumpily looming behind her, and saw Ace and Deuce looking panicked and flustered...and Ace was holding a small bundle with red hair...which then stared at her with teary gray eyes.
It was Riddle...a much younger Riddle.
(Y/N) shot her head at Ace for an explanation. He grinned sheepishly.
"Heeeeey, (Y/N)! So, don't get mad, but this morning I decided to get back Cater for dumping all his chores on me, so I snuck some shrinking potion into his breakfast, only it was Riddle's and it wasn't a shrinking potion, it was a de-aging potion, so now Deuce and I have to go ask Professor Crewel to make an antidote since Trey has to oversee the dorm today. So can you watch him? Okay? Thanks! Bye!"
He shoved the small child into her arms and bolted. Deuce bowed.
"Sorry for the inconvenience, (Y/N). Thank you so much."
He also then ran off. She blew some hair from her face.
"Sure, why not."
She felt Riddle fidget in her arms. She looked down to see him looking at her nervously.
"Hey Riddle. How are you?"
"Where's mama?" He asked tearfully.
Arceus help her, he was so cute. (Y/N) nearly had a heart attack.
"I'm looking after you today until the idiots can get you back to normal. Don't worry, you'll be fine."
"O-ok..." he said softly.
Swampert got a bit closer to look at the boy and Riddle immediately latched on to (Y/N)'s shirt and hid his face.
"Aw Riddle, it's okay. Swampert is a very nice monster. He's my best friend."
Riddle peeked one eye out to see the older girl scratching the water/ground type's head. He shakily reached out his hand and pat Swampert on the nose, causing his chest to rumble in amusement. The small red head then looked up at (Y/N).
"Monsters shouldn't be in the house! It's against the rules!"
She chuckled. "Well this is a monster dorm, so he's not the only one. Come on, let's get you something to eat."
She walked in with the little guy and headed towards the kitchen. The ghost Pokémon were immediately drawn in by the tiny child. Marshadow waved, Dragapult watched from a distance, Rotom cackled, and Gengar made funny faces...which made Riddle cry.
"Hey, hey, it's all right." (Y/N) said soothingly to him as Gengar looked very worried. "Gengar was just playing. He may look scary, but he's just a big goofball."
Riddle sniffled. "R-really?"
"Promise, he didn't mean it, did you Gengar?"
Riddle was still clung to tightly to (Y/N) who sighed and walked into the kitchen. Ampharos and Crobat had the little ones with them. Crobat flew around Riddle once, looked at Gengar's guilty face, and began to Zen Headbutt him, chasing into the other room.
(Y/N) sighed and put Riddle down on the counter. "Swampert, please make sure they don't destroy anything."
Ampharos came up to Riddle and gave him a friendly coo. Riddle was still a bit scared, so she showed her glowing tail, which was instantly mesmerized by. He then got the courage to pet her, which she greatly appreciated. By then, the baby Pokémon were clawing at the counter to play with the new arrive. Riddle was less intimidated by the smaller Pokémon, but was still a bit scared when Jangmo-oh and Scorbunny managed to jump up on the counter. The dragon type immediately began sniffing Riddle while Scorbunny hopped around excitedly.
"You two! You're scaring him!" (Y/N) scolded as she placed two desserts on the counter. The two squealed and ran off as (Y/N) pushed one of the sugar dusted, bun shaped treats towards the little boy.
"Here Riddle, this is Strawberry Malasada, it's really good!"
He looked at it wearily. "Mama says I can't have sugar. It's poison."
(Y/N) frowned, biting her cheek. She had made no secret she had a great dislike of Riddle's mother and fully intended the woman a reality check on her parenting if she was ever brave enough to show her face. However, she wasn't going to dump that on a small, impressionable Riddle right now. So instead, she smiled.
"Well, we're taking a break from the rules today Riddle. When you're with me, it's all about having fun." She took a bite of her Malasada. "See? Completely safe! In fact, these are my favorite!"
Riddle glanced down at the treat before hesitantly taking a bite. His face lit up and his eyes sparkled with tear.
"T-thank you! It's really good!"
Riddle devoured the treat to the amusement of the Pokémon trainer. Shaymin (land form) then made an appearance, immediately recognizing Riddle and hopping into his lap. Riddle seemed excited.
"A hedgehog!" He immediately began petting the mythical.
"A Shaymin, sweetie."
Shaymin cooed, enjoying the attention. Crobat then flew back in, having dealt with Gengar, and began tapping his trainer's cheek.
"Okay, okay, I get it. Riddle, I have to make breakfast for all my Pokémon. Do you want to help?"
He nodded, still holding Shaymin. "Yes ma'am."
Riddle was, unsurprisingly, a diligent helper, and took pride in being able to help. He still was a little shy around the bigger Pokémon (hiding behind (Y/N) when he saw Tyrantrum and Tyrannitar) but he became a bit more receptive when Tropius offered him some fruit. He had had a great time playing in the snow and even climbing on Aurorus, who was amused by the tiny boy. Throughout the whole thing, he kept holding Shaymin. What surprised (Y/N) the most was his interest in Flygon, probably because he was shining in the sunlight and clearly a dragon.
"Do you want to meet him?" She asked when she caught the red head staring.
Riddle bashfully looked away. "Will he mind?"
She chuckled. "Of course not sweetie. Flygon!"
She whistled and he faithful ground/dragon immediately flew over to them. Riddle looked in amazement as he spread his wings and let out a cry of his name. Shaymin cooed, making Flygon see them both. He tilted his head and lowered it to sniff the boy, who stiffened, before nuzzling his cheek. Riddle giggled, feeling ticklish, and pat the dragon's head. (Y/N) smiled at the scene before patting Flygon's neck.
"Hey Riddle, do you wanna go on a ride with him?"
He widened his eyes.
"Yeah, Flygon flies me everywhere. Come on, it'll be fun!"
(Y/N) hauled him up on Flygon before settling behind him.
"You got a good grip on him and Shaymin?"
"Yes, (Y/N)."
"Okay. Flygon, let's take this slow."
Flygon took off, being mindful of his speed. (Y/N) kept a good grip on Riddle and steered Flygon. The little boy looked down, bewildered.
"It's amazing up here!"
(Y/N) chuckled. "Isn't it? Think you can handle going a little faster?"
"Okay, Flygon, speed up!"
The dragon picked up the pace, starting to do tricks in the air. Riddle laughed gleefully, enjoying the ride. (Y/N) smiled. It was nice he got to laugh as a kid.
The two spent the rest of their time playing around with the various Pokémon (Grimm had refused to leave their room after he found out Riddle was there), until eventually the little guy passed out on the couch, cuddling with Shaymin as (Y/N) was laying on Swampert nearby. Just as she was about to drift off, she heard a knock on the door. The two got up and opened it to see the idiot duo there once more.
"Hey (Y/N)!" Ace greeted. "Professor Crewel's finishing up the potion, so we just came to pick up Riddle."
"Thank you again for looking after Dorm Leader Rosehearts." Deuce added.
She waved him off. "It was nothing. We had fun."
She went back to the living room and picked up Riddle, who woke up.
"Riddle, Ace and Deuce are gonna get you back to normal."
He clung to her. "I don't want you to go!"
She looked at him in surprise before smiling softly, patting his head. "Don't worry, you'll see me really soon. And then we can play again.
He sniffled. "Promise?"
She got to the door and handed the boy to Deuce. As they left, Riddle waved to her.
"Bye (Y/N)."
"Bye Riddle."
The next morning, (Y/N) was once again woken up by knocking. However, opening the door this morning reveal Riddle, now back to normal and holding a small box.
He coughed. "Good morning Dorm Leader Stone."
"Morning Riddle. Good to see you back to your old self. How are you feeling?"
He blushed. "I'm quite fine, luckily there were no other side effects." He then shoved the box into her hands. "Here, some tarts from Trey. I wanted to thank you for taking care of me yesterday."
"Aw, thanks Riddle. Do you remember anything from yesterday?"
He scratched his cheek. "Pieces, but I do remember," he smiled. "That I had a lot of fun."
She grinned. "I'm glad. My offer still stands. I'm sure the Pokémon would love to play with you again.
His face became redder. "I think I'll take you up on that offer."

This one's gonna be short guys, cause we're doing the Halloween event before moving on to Savanahclaw!

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