Chapter 3✨

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Third person

Gulf was now walking through the street watching all the people passing by and some people selling. He saw some family, friends and couples that having some time. Gulf smile at the two couple when he see that there are now kissing each other. Gulf walk and walk until he reached a not so famous hotel he let himself in. The hotel was not that spacious, when gulf walk in he saw that there is no one guarding the place. He walked through the table behind the table is a cabinet that full of keys, probably the keys for rooms.

Then he saw a bell that are put in the table beside the telephone, Gulf remove he's cap and let the bell ring so many times but no one comes out of the stairs. So he got that idea and opportunity to just stole one of the keys for his room. Gulf looked left and right if there are someone watching when he saw nothing, Gulf started to walk through the cabinet while removing he's bag and shades he put his bag on the chair that near the cabinet and choose a key.

But while choosing Gulf got interrupted by a someone clearing his throat, Gulf immediately get the one key and turn to the person who is looking like he just wake up. Well it's just 8 in the morning so probably this guy infront of him just wake up from his deep sleep. The man and Gulf just looked at each other for some time. The man standing infront of him is not moving he got shocked and mesmerised by the beauty of a man infront of him. So Gulf decided to break the silent by clearing his throat. The man blink several times before saying.

"Oh I'm sorry for staring, I'm Bright Vachirawit and How may i help you young man?" Bright said while walking down the stairs fixing his hair. Gulf just looked at him smiling he saw it adorable. But he's smile faded when he remember that he is holding one of the keys.

"Hmmm I'm just looking at something." Gulf said smiling brightly trying to hide his nervousness. Bright looked at him with suspicious and walked infront of him they are now facing each other in the middle of the table.

"I think your trying to stole one of the key?" Bright said smirking. Gulf shook he's head quickly. "Ohhhh really then why are you hiding something on your back?, put it back here or i would call the police." Bright said but he's just actually joking. He saw the man and he's really beautiful, he looked like the innocent one, he can't let him go to jail. He will make him as his boyfriend instead of going to jail.

Bright got telephone but stop by Gulf and let him put it back. While one of Gulf's hand is showing the key that he get to the cabinet. Gulf put it on the table and remove his hand on Bright. Bright smirked on his mind.

"Okay here's your key don't call the police, I was just you know. I walk in here and ring the bell so many times but no ones got out then i got the idea to just--"

"Stole it" Bright said cutting him off. He smiled while looking at Gulf's face. He looked adorable  he thought.

"Okay, that cross my mind to just stole your key but I'm returning it back. I would just pay you." Gulf said walking through his bag and find he's wallet.

"Stop" Bright suddenly said Gulf looked at him confuse, so Bright walked through him and hold Gulf's hand that was now holding his wallet he let Gulf put it back on his bag. "Just give me your name and be my boyfriend i would let you stay here as long as you want." Bright said smiling genuinely at him. Gulf looked at him with wide eyes.

"Well Mr. Vachirawit we just met, it's too early for us to be boyfriends" Gulf said rolling his eyes, removing his hand from Bright. Bright just laughed at him.

"Then just give me your name, I would love to know you and I would give you not only free stay here but also free tour." Bright said. Gulf just sighed, well he doesn't have no choice. Gulf knows that he doesn't have enough money well he can ask for her mother for money but he never do that. He's mother and him is really not that close. Well So Gulf just decided to think a fake name that he always use when meeting some strangers.

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