Special Event: Scary Monsters, A Screaming Halloween Show

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I own nothing. This event is so long. Also I should have mentioned the translations for the events were from Otome Ayui. Give them a watch too.

It was the spooky time of year and everyone was getting into the Halloween spirit. (Y/N) and especially her ghost and dark types were very happy to learn Twisted Wonderland also celebrated this spoopy holiday. Though, as it turned out, they wouldn't be celebrating alone. One day, they were returning from Professor Trein's class to find something unexpected.
"Phew!" Grim said. "We've arrived! I'm....tired?" He trailed off as he noticed the dorm's lawn now decorated with pumpkins, oriental gates, lilies, cobwebs, lanterns, and a dragon that reminded (Y/N) of Rayquaza at the front gate.
Grim shrieked. ""UWAHHH!! A MONSTER! (Y/N), don't just stand still! We have to run!"
She rolled her eyes. "Relax Grim, it's fake. Besides, I have enough dragon, ice, and fairy types to deal with other dragons."
Suddenly, with his usual sneakiness, Lilia appeared, hanging upside down. "Oh, you're back."
"Hi, Lilia." (Y/N) sighed.
The senior hopped down from his position and chuckled. "Kufufu, what a great reaction! You came back earlier than I expected."
Grim was hyperventilating. "You're...from Diasomnia...the one that always appears upside-down!"
"That's right. I'm the elusive handsome boy, Lilia Vanrogue."
"Lilia, why are you here?" (Y/N) asked. "Also, how did you get past my Pokémon?"
Crobat swooped down from one of the dead trees and landed on the boy's shoulder. Lilia grinned.
"Oh, your monster here vouched for us, I suppose."
The trainer shrugged, shaking her head. "Why does it not surprise me that you two get along? Also, did you say ''us?"
"Indeed! All of our dorm students are doing their best to make the entrance and the lanterns now!"
(Y/N) glanced past him to see several Diasomnia students in the yard working on decorations. They were also getting help from her Pokémon with hanging them up. Swampert was even helping the students push up a gate.
"What is this?" Grim asked. "Our dorm was already a monster house to begin with. Hey! Stop decorating my dorm without my permission!"
"What do you mean?"" Lilia asked. "The principal allowed us to decorate here."
"Of course he did." (Y/N) groaned, intending to give Crowley a piece of her mind for not informing her, considering plenty of her Pokémon could have become territorial if Crobat hadn't sided with Lilia. "So why did you guys decorate the Ramshackle Dorm? And how did you get my Pokémon to help?"
"Isn't it obvious! It's Halloween soon! Malleus said the Ramshackle dorm is the best place to spend Halloween. Also, once we told your Pokémon that, plenty of them were willing to help."
"They do love Halloween..."
"Aren't you happy? You guys would've never been able to do these fancy decorations by yourselves. You don't need to thank me. Halloween is a day where we celebrate together. Haha!"
The resident Dorm ghost then appeared. "Hihihi! It's pretty outstanding!"
"Oh, did you guys come to look at the decorations too?" Lilia asked.
"Don't mind (Y/N) and Grim, just do it as you like!" The skinny ghost insisted.
"As expected from Diasomnia, you guys are on another level!" The fat ghost complimented. "It seems like we'll be able to have a happy Halloween this year!"
"Oi!" (Y/N) yelled. "Don't underestimate the girl with the monsters on Halloween."
"The Halloween that you guys are talking about, does this have something to do with that?" Grim asked.
"Eh?" Everyone said.
"Grim...you do know what Halloween is, right?" (Y/N) inquired.
He shook his head. "No."
"WHAT!?" Everyone yelled.
"That's surprised." Admitted Lilia. "I didn't expect people who don't know about Halloween to exist in this world! (Y/N) is even from another world, and she seems to know what it is!"
"Is it famous?"
"It's a holiday, Grim." His dorm mate answered.
"Not just a holiday!" One of the ghosts butted in. "It's one of the most important events in Twisted Wonderland! It's our festival!"
"You mean...ghosts festival?"
"Yep." Lilia answered. "Every year on the 31st of October is Halloween, the day when the spirits of the departed return to this world, not just the ghosts who stay here either. We prepare these fancy decorations to celebrate their arrival. We also dress up as horrific ghosts or monsters."
"Dress up? Why?"
"So the ghosts don't attack you." (Y/N) answered. Seems as though both of their world had similar reasons for their traditions.
Lilia grinned. "That's right! They'll also leave you alone if you give them candy. There are also evil spirits who won't give up though."
(Y/N) smirked. "Oh, I'd love to see them get past my ghosts."
"Kufufu! I would also enjoy seeing that. Still, we chase these evil spirits away by dressing up like monsters. Though, this dorm isn't lacking for monsters."
"Well, good to know things haven't changed in this world."
"Indeed. Night Raven College will be holding a special event for the day."
"Special event?" Grim asked. "I don't know anything about that."
"Oh, you didn't it?"
(Y/N) facepalmed. "I'm gonna kill that crow."
"No need to worry." Lilia assured. "There's still a month left until Halloween arrives. The teachers will explain it tomorrow!"
Just as Lilia had predicted, Professor Crewel explained the upcoming event for Halloween. Everyone was immediately excited by the prospect. Ace and Deuce then started to talk to the Ramshackle Dorm.
"Hey!" Ace greeted. "I saw your dorm this morning. It really did turn into a different place."
"Draconia and Vanrogue seem to be doing their best for this event." Decue noted.
Marshadow cheered as (Y/N) nodded. "They're not the only ones. My Pokémon are also pretty excited for it."
"Isn't it great?" Ace asked. "I'm glad you're having fun."
"By the way, (Y/N), have you bought a pumpkin to decorate your room?" Deuce inquired. "The mystery shop is selling them now, and they sell pumpkins that are in good shape. You should buy one fast."
Ace grinned. "Well, Halloween wouldn't be complete without a Jack-o'-Lantern."
"Ace and Deuce seem to be having fun too." Grim noted. "Are you guys that excited for Halloween?"
"Of course!" Ace exclaimed. "There's no one who wouldn't get excited for Halloween. Even the introverted Ignihyde students will come out and have fun. Right, Deuce?"
"It's a day where we don't have to restrain ourselves." He admitted. "We can even dress up in costumes. In Twisted Wonderland, whether you're an adult or a child, you can enjoy Halloween."
As the excitement grew, everyone was immediately silenced by Professor Crewel slashing his teaching rod.
"Stay! Be quiet! Don't make a big fuss about this just because it's your first time spending Halloween in this school. Didn't I discipline you puppies before? Listen up, Halloween is a very important event for Twisted Wonderland. One week before Halloween, Halloween week, a stamp rally for the people outside the campus will be held. Every dorm will choose a place on campus as a venue for the stamp rally. They will also have to decorate the venue too. The most important thing is everyone outside the campus has the right to take part in this event. In other words, during Halloween week, there will be visitors from outside campus walking around our school. Do you know why we hold these kinds of events that require a lot of work?"
"I know!" Grim said. "The school wants to make a pile of money from the entrance fee!"
"Wrong! It's free to visit the school. Night Raven College has a long history because of the cooperation and understanding of those living in this area and their want to raise you puppies. Halloween week is an event that shows local people how disciplined you are. Be sure not to show your laziness! Control yourselves!"
"Well, at least now we know why Lilia took over our dorm." (Y/N) said.
Grim grinned. "It really is a festival! It's so impressive!"
"Is that so surprising?" Ace asked, scratching his head. "You have heard from the Halloween Steering Committee, right?"
"The what now?" The trainer inquired confused.
Professor Crewel seemed to have overheard them and explained. "In order to make sure the Halloween event runs smoothly, every dorm sends out their students. The principal did tell you, correct?"
"I'm gonna strangle that crow."
Time passed quickly and soon enough, it was Halloween week. (Y/N) made certain to chew out Crowley for not telling her anything, but she was happy to help out Diasomnia since Ramshackle couldn't do its own stamp venue with only two students. There had been strange requests, such as Lilia asking to borrow Dragapult, Milotic, and a few other serpentine Pokémon, but most of Diasomnia requests for help were reasonable and (Y/N) made the physical labor easier. Once preparations had been made, (Y/N) got started on her own costume. Just because Ramshackle didn't have their own venue didn't mean she wouldn't dress up, and she had the perfect Pokémon to model her costume after. While she was working on that, Grim was downstairs with the smaller Pokémon, Ampharos, Crobat, and Weavile, handing up ghosts and pumpkins in the living room.
"The Halloween decorations are done! This lantern that's made of pumpkin is called a Jack-o'-Lantern?"
Weavile nodded to him.
"At first I was wondering why they would light up food, but it's really fun making one! Your pumpkin is really good, Weavile!"
"Vile!" The dark type said with pride.
She had made a very intricate design of a Midnight Lycanroc howling at a full moon. The rest of the pumpkins had more crude designs or funny/spooky faces.
"Nice work guys." (Y/N) complemented as she came in. "Looks like we're all set!"
"Good morning everyone!" The ghosts greeted. "Halloween week has finally arrived!"
"Yup, I just finished my costume and my Pokémon should be finishing their decorating around the lake!"
"We're going to look around the school after this." Grim added. "Let's g-,"
The ghost began to cackle.
"What's wrong?" Grim asked nervously. "What are you grinning at?"
"Actually, we have some presents for you."
"Hihihi, here you go!"
In a flash, Grim was suddenly decked out with a purple, spiderweb bow and a witch hat and (Y/N) had a black and red Kitsune mask in her hands.
"Oooh!" Grim cheered. "A Halloween costume!"
"And not just you, check it out!"
All the baby Pokémon suddenly had spooky themed bows, hats, or masks. They all cheered happily, running in circles before running out the door to show the older Pokémon.
"Thanks, you guys. And this mask will go great with my costume."
"Hihihi! We thought it might! Go on, go get ready!"
(Y/N) ran back upstairs, putting her costume on, applying her makeup, and placing her newly acquired mask on the left side of her face. She came back downstairs and Grim was impressed by the costume.
"Looking good, (Y/N)!"
(Y/N) was in a kitsune costume modeled after Zoroark. She wore baggy black pants, a black robe with dark fur trimmings and red sleeves, and dark sandals. Her nails were painted blood red and her face had been painted with Zoroark's markings. Finally, her hair was done in a ponytail with a bright blue orb and the tips of her hair had been dyed red the night before.

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