Flashback akeno himejima

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(Since I didn't think of telling you guys Rias's age during the last chapter so you wouldn't immediately assume her playing with sirzech was during some time in the anime. I'm gonna tell you her age in the last chapter, and this one along with anyone else that are introduced)

Last chapter Rias: 4

Current Rias: 8

Akeno: 7 10/12

Y/n: I'm honestly surprised that they got along so well when they were kids.

I told myself as I watched from the window as Rias, Sona, and ravel were playing hide and seek with riser, who unlike what I usually see from him. Was actually pretty friendly towards them, and is really well behaved for his age

Y/n: but if it's only when there kid's. Does that mean he just has a terrible role model that he looks up to, or was it something else? Meh, either way I'll ask him when he has the time.

Ophis: specking of having the time. Can you get back to the reason why your here, you idiotic imagination?

Y/n: fine fine, give me a sec.

Reminded that I have something to do, I tore my attention away from the kids outside and held out my hand as ophis generously handed me a notepad and pencil. With the small pad in hand, I sat down then looked over to the young girl with black feathered wings sitting on the couch in front of me named Akeno Himejima

Y/n: so, akeno. As your self established therapist. Why don't you start us off with how your feeling right now.

Akeno: Well at the moment, I'm a little confused as to why your forcing me into this when I never asked for it.

Y/n: yeah, but I thought you'd need it. I mean what happened yesterday would scar any child's mind. And besides, your probably bottling up much more under that little head of yours that I don't want it to get to the point where your thinking about some pretty dark shit, or blame yourself for feeling a way towards someone for no reason.

Akeno: *sigh* fine. But if this is a waste of time, you better pay me back in some way.

Y/n: I'll try to even if it wasn't a waste of time.

Akeno: you'd better! ...... so what am I supposed to do now?

Y/n: just get yourself as comfortable as you like, and find a point in your life to start at, then continue on till you don't wanna say anymore.

Akeno: alright....

Doing as I requested of her, Akeno laid herself across the couch she sat on and took one of the pillows next to her then placed it under her head. Once she was beginning to feel comfortable where she laid, her black feathered wings subconsciously draped themselves over her body while acting as a blanket

Akeno:... now, where to start?

Y/n: why not start off at a joyful moment to ease yourself so you won't break down when discussing what happened yesterday.

Akeno: yeah.... that might work... from what I remember, my most joyful memory as a child was when pap-I mean Baraqiel decided to join me and mom as we were purifying evil spirits. He was so on edge when some of the spirits reminded him of devil's that he even flinched when a dog spirit was sniffing him. It took mom a whole hour to convince him to finally play with the spirits, and during it. He complained to us both when the same dog spirit he flinched over pissed on his hand.

Y/n: heh, I'm sure some people out there would pay to see Baraqiel be humiliated not once, but twice by a simple spirit dog. Hell, I'd pay for that sight twice.

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