Chapter Ten

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Jessica's pov

After Sera left i received a text from mom well she's Nicolas mom actually but since I'm an orphan i consider both of his parents as my own even though I'm no longer with their son. Well she asked me to meet her for lunch

            ~30 minutes later~

When i arrived at the restaurant i immediately spotted Sandra (Nicolas mom)

"Mom" i said as i hugged her

"Jessica honey how have you been and how are my angels" she asked

"They are good actually Nick took them to school this morning" i told her

"So he finally believed they are his kids that stupid son of mine actually believe his mistresses words over his own wife two years ago" she said

" Mom let's forget about that and have lunch" i said hoping to change the topic

"Yeah let's order"

After we both ordered and had our lunches she said she had something to tell me.

And what she said next was the last thing i expected her to say

"Jessica you know you've been a single woman for almost two years now you need a man who will take care of both you and your kids" she said

" Mom i can take care of myself and Nick and i will both take care of the kids" i tried to reason with her

" The both of you are divorced and the kids deserve to have a complete family Jessica" she argued


" No Jessica i have already found a way to give them that complete family" she said

"How" i asked i knew i wasn't going to like what she says next. I hope she doesn't want me to get back with that jerk Nicolas i haven't even forgiven him yet hell he hasn't even apologized properly

"I want you to go on a date with katie's son Paul he's a really nice and responsible young man i think you two would make a great pair" she said

And for the second time today she said the last thing i expected her to say

"" i stuttered

My brain is blank right now

"Please Jessica just try for me and if you don't like him it's okay at least you tried" she said as she held my hand

"Okay mom" i sighed

I'll go
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