Chapter Forty-two

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"Nothing to worry. He is unconscious because of mental pressure. He will gain consciousness soon." Doctor said, checking up Zhan.

Yibo and Mrs. Wang sitting beside of Zhan. Mrs. Wang gently stroking Zhan's head. And Yibo, holding Zhan's hand tightly as if he loosen his grip, he will also loose Zhan from his sight.

"Take care of him, he will be okay. I will be going now." Doctor said, and stood up.

"Okay. Thank you for coming doc. I will walk you outside." Haikuan said, and they walk out from the room.

"Zhanjin, you didn't have something from long. Go and eat something, baby." Mrs. Wang said, smiling at Jin.

"I'm not hungry mom." Jin replied.

"It's necessary baby. Doctor said, you must have to eat something per 2 hours. Don't worry, Zhan will be okay. He is my strong baby." Mrs. Wang said.

"Mom, we should go downstairs now. Zhan will be okay and Yibo ge is here. Don't worry. Let's go." Jackson said. Jiyang also nodded, with Jacky.

"Mnnn.. let's go, honey." Mr. Wang said.

Mrs. Wang looked at Yibo, who was looking at Zhan without blinking.

Mr. Xiao walk to Yibo, pattering his shoulder he said,

"Don't worry. He is fine. Doctor said, he will gain his consciousness soon. We are going downstairs. If anything needed, call us."

Mrs. Wang nodded and stood up. They walk out from the bed room.

Few drops of tears rolled down from Yibo's cheeks with a blink. He was holding it from long. With one hand, he gently touched, Zhan's cheeks,

"A perfect family. This was the reason you always wanted a perfect family? Why you didn't tell me anything about this? Why you were hiding it so long. How much pain you were bearing with you Zhan?!"

Yibo said, stroking Zhan's cheeks gently.

After few moments, with few blinking Zhan opened his eyes. His eyes was still red, swollen and teary. As soon he opened his eyes, he hugged Yibo tightly.

"Yiboo!!" Zhan started crying.

Yibo hugged him back and said, "Everything is okay. I'm here. Don't cry. I'm here with you."

"She..? Where is she??!" Zhan said, sobbing.

"She is gone. Don't worry about her. I won't let her harm you. Promise. Don't worry." Yibo said, placing a kiss on Zhan's shoulder.

"I..*sob* *sob* I don't want to see her again." Zhan said, sobbing.

"She won't come. Don't cry, Zhan. It's okay." Yibo said, pattering Zhan's back.

"Mnnnnn." Zhan nodded.

"Do you want me to call mom?" Yibo asked, breaking the hug.

"Not now. I want to be with you." Zhan said, pouting.

A small smile across Yibo's face, he wiped Zhan's face. Fixing pillow he sat properly.

"Mnn.. come here." Yibo said, opening his arms for Zhan.

Zhan smiled and went to Yibo. Yibo hugged him, Zhan leaned on Yibo's chest.

"Zhan." Yibo called.

"Mnnn.." Respond.

"Are you okay?" Yibo asked, stroking Zhan's hair.

"Mnnn, when I saw her.. I had some sudden flashbacks of my childhood the time, when she leaved us behind with another man. That time, some of children used to criticize me for her. Jiyang was 2 years old. He always ask for mom. And dad, he cried so much. He always blamed himself because he couldn't earn money mom left us behind. After that, dad started work more hard. Me and Jiyang was so small that time. I was hurt. I was hurt so much. She leaved a wound in me which can't be healed, that's what I used to think but after coming in this family, I received so much love. I almost forgot about that wound. But again, she came and again stabbed in the same place." Zhan said, closing his eyes in Yibo's arms. Few drops of tears rolled down from his eyes.

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