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The bell rang for class to start and my students walked in and sat on their seats and of course the four of them sat at the back. Rachel, Mat and Cam insisted staying behind and we could talk about it later. As Kayla and Mat weren't civil they sat far away from each other.

Even though it had been years Cam still didn't like Rachel, she was giving off that I still don't like you vibe. On the otherhand Rachel was ignorant of the situation and just sat casually, with Mat and Kayla on each side of her while Cam sat beside Kayla.

Out of all the people to watch me teach, it had to be the three of them. I didn't mind Kayla since she had seen me in more embarassing situations.

Amd what was more pressuring is that today is test day for my class.

"Miss Morgan, it's test day today."

One of my student announced. In every class there is always that one person, ONE person to ruin everything. Kayla and Cam were mumbling to each other which I couldn't hear and I tried to do my best to focus on my class.

"Right, please take your pencils out," I said.


"Oh man, I think I'll fail the test today since I didn't study. Miss Morgan was watching us the whole time," I heard one of my students said to another after school that day. I wanted to tell them that I was sorry to disappoint them. I didn't have a choice. There were too many influencial people watching.

So I did my best to shoo away Rachel and she rolled her eyes before she left. The four of us went to an out of town café which was nearby to have that nonsense talk finally.

"Okay what the hell is going on? Why am I suddenly engaged without my consent?" I asked suddenly as soon as our drinks arrived.

"It's a long story," Cam answered.

"So spill."

"Apparently, somebody told what happened between us to my mother," Cam looked at Mat in a way that made him uncomfortable.

"I'd rather deal with you than the Queen. Sorry Your Highness," he guiltily smiled.

"It's Cam," she corrected and Mat nodded.

"Anyways, you know how my parents already liked you when they met you, our past just made them want it to be possible for us."

"Okay wait wait, why did you even tell?" I asked Mat.

"Well, the day you two left Queen Julia cornered me out of nowhere and demanded answers. I was denying at first but she said that there was definitely going on between you two. Cam you know how easily people get manipulated by your mother. I think I was hypnotized, I swear I didn't mean to tell," he really looked trouble.

Cam groaned, "she really takes after grandmother."

"You can just like ignore her or something. I think you're exaggerating."

"Girl, you don't know the things Cam and I go through because of her. It's not like she hurt us physically or something. She's really kind and crazy I tell you. Don't get into her bad side."

"So I have no say in this?"

"Not really unless you want to answer to my mother and your aunt already agreed to it. Last I heard your whole family already knows and is thrilled by the news."

"My family knows? What the fuck? Kayla did you know?"

She shook her head and shrugged.

"Don't you think this is a really bad idea?"


"You guys are like royalty, aren't you supposed to know my history by now?

"Like how you had two accounts of DUI when you were nineteen? Spent a night in jail because you punched someone?"

The hell.

"Exactly," I groaned. I didn't complain that they knew, I mean what can be more surprising than being engage to a royalty at twenty three without a say in this?

For each accounts I had valid reasons. I just don't remember what it was but I was sure I drove because of something important.

"Anyways, I don't think this whole marriage between us will work out," I tried to reason.

"Same thoughts actually."

"So why don't you just tell your mother it's a crazy idea?"

"I think it's an even more crazy idea to go against her words. She told me not to return home unless I bring you with me and it sounded like a command slash plead."

"I have a plan," Kayla finally contributed, her back leaned against the seat and her arms folded across her chest.

"What is it now?"

"The only way to make this marriage thing unwork is to play their game."

"What do you mean?" we both asked.

"Let her parents believe that you guys actually agree to this whole marriage thing. Then you or Cam will do something that will make your engagemnent impossible. I read your country's laws and there are many things that can break off a royal engagment my friends."

"Like what?"

"For example, what can be better than embarassing the royal family?"

"I think you want me in jail."

"You want to marry Cam or jail?" She sounded seriously joking. My family will definetely bail me out right?


Tough question.


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