Chapter 4✨

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"So Bright Vachirawit your working in that hotel or your the owner" Gulf said looking at Bright whose sitting in front of him.

"Yes I'm working at that hotel and i am also the owner. Well my mother let me worked at her old hotel and she go travelled around the world" Bright said. "My father is the owner of one of the business here in Thailand and Korea that's why he never comes home." Bright said looking at Gulf. "So you why are you here in Thailand?" Bright asked.

"Well I'm searching for my future and I have a feeling it's from Pha ngan" Gulf said with determination.

"Why Pha ngan?" Bright said looking confuse.

"I really don't know, I find out when I get there, maybe tomorrow." Gulf said looking at the food that the waitress was putting.

"Tomorrow?" Bright asked surprise.

"Yeah" Gulf said smiling.

"That's to fast i thought you would stay for more than a week" Bright looking so disappointed at his expectation.

"Well I already book a boat for tomorrow" Gulf said looking at the delicious food infront of him.

"Can I come with you?" Bright asked hopefully.

"But how about your hotel?" Gulf asked.

"I would let my brother to just work there until we get back." Bright said.

"You have a brother?" Gulf asked looking at the man infront of him.

"Yeah, I have my brother on the first husband of my mother, Well my mother loves him so much that's why the name of the hotel is MBC. His the first one that M on the name of the hotel and me is the B and the C is my father's name. My mother love us so much but I can feel that my brother is the one he really loves a lot than us. By the way his a very famous asshole here in Thailand but he never wanted to be praise and he was so kind of a person but also very possessive. Actually he's engage now at his bitch Girlfriend." Bright rolled his eyes at the last sentence that he said.

"You seems like your not in a good terms with your brother's girlfriend." Gulf said chuckling at Bright's face.

"Yeah we are not because that girlfriend of him cheated on him several times" Bright said while he rolled his eyes.

"Oh he must be so inlove with that girlfriend of him" Gulf said while started eating his food.

"Why do you say so?" Bright asked raising his one eyebrow.

"You wouldn't never marry a person that you never love Bright and your brother probably fall for her hard that he forgive her girlfriend eventhough that girlfriend of his cheated on him." Gulf said casually like it is nothing.

"You know what don't mind them. So can i please come with you tomorrow I promise I would behave" Bright said hopefully.

"Okay okay you can come" Gulf chuckled lightly. While Bright smiled like he won a jackpot.

The lunch was go well they eat talking with somethings that they like or love to do. After they have lunch they bid good bye to the two couple and headed at the Khuhaphimuk Temple. Bright decided to bring him there because that place is one of the place that they love to visit when his bestfriend is still in Thailand.

They go there while Bright is explaining everything about the place and Gulf is just taking pictures he don't mind everything what Bright is saying because he also know everything about that place. Well Gulf grow up in Thailand too he just leave Thailand and leave in France when he was just 17. They enjoy there little tour in Thailand until it's already 5 and Bright remembered that they need to go back at the hotel and headed to the bar.

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