Chapter 20: Lovey Dovey

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"I'm sorry Papa but Mama needs to sleep in my room," Athanasia said while facing her father.

"...?" -Claude

Athanasia gently pushed her father outside of her room. "Go back to your castle and rest. Just come back here tomorrow. I've already ordered Lily to fetch Felix" The young teen immediately shut the door and turned her back. 

'That's right. No wedding, no sharing room. I've decided that I could only have a sibling once they got married again' Athy thought 'I know that papa missed my mom but it's complicated now because of the situation. However, It's not like I would certainly separate them. It's not like I could do that.'

"You look serious, my Princess" Athanasia almost jump out of shock when Lucas appeared in the chair. He is sitting comfortably while gazing at Athanasia. "I pity your Dad. His daughter is restricting him to be with his lover" 

A wicked smile appeared on his face. "You act like a Mother-In-Law"

Athanasia frowned at Lucas's remark especially when she remembered what had happened a while ago 'Calm down Athy. Calm down' she thought.  

"Why are you here?" She asked with a frown. "Anyway, can you check my Dad? I want to know if he's already resting"

"I'll do that later, but for now. I want to discuss you something" Lucas's expression suddenly changed "Do you perhaps saw someone who looks like your father but with black hair?"

Athanasia's body stopped as soon as she heard him. "Yes," she immediately answered. She suddenly remembers the same question that Lucas asked her. "You already mentioned that a while ago, Why do you ask?" 

"When did you saw him?"

"I saw someone with that description when I was with Jennette. I also saw him at the Duke Alpheus's residence" (I'm not sure anymore if that was the right term)

"Aerternitas..." Lucas said in a serious tone. 'That rascal... Does he plan to mess up with the imperial family?'

"Are you talking about the strongest emperor in history?" Athanasia asked. Lucas clicked his tongue when he heard that. 

"Strongest in history?" How could be that brat be that powerful? "It's weird that it was recorded like that"

"Fine, fine. So what's with the black-haired man?" Athanasia asked

"There was a rat who came to my tower" Lucas suddenly spoke "I think it's him. If you ever saw that man again. Tell me and stay away from him."


"I think he's the one who put the curse on your father"

[Reminder (and Spoiler Alert): At this point, Athanasia still doesn't know that her Uncle is alive]

"W-what? Why would he even do that?!" Athanasia asked.

"Who knows?"

The man with black-colored hair appeared on Athanasia's mind. 'Even if it's not sure, I cannot ignore this information.'

'But if it's real then why would he do that? what will he gain? for fun?" She thought 'Perhaps he's daddy's enemy. Then why would the duke of Alpheus take him to their residency?...are they planning treason?'

"Lucas I want to confirm something about that man"

'Come to think of it... the man looks like daddy and it looks like he has some connection to the duke. The connection of the duke to the previous emperor is also connected to Jennette...' Athanasia snapped from her thoughts. 'If I would connect the dots. The man may be...'

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