29. 𝖂𝖊𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝕭𝖆𝖈𝖐

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29 - Let me love you ᴀ

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29 - Let me love you ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

"Nice, making paper flowers I see. That takes me back. For school?"


"Me and y/n are making them for the graduation."

You and Tohru were in the main room making paper flowers for your school graduation. Your class was in charge of the decoration. It's been about an hour of you guys making flowers. It was the end of the school year. The third years are graduating, next year that'd be you. Your high school years were coming to an end.

"Would you mind if I opened on?" Shigure asked, taking a seat, flower in hand.

"That's fine..." You said quietly just enough for him to hear.

After some time Tohru spoke up, very hesitant. "So um- what" Then she stopped. You knew what she was asking about. Both you and Shigure knew. It was a hard thing to bring up, everyone in the room knew that. "Do you want some tea?" Tohru spit out. Jumping up from her seat, running to the kitchen

It was the next day at school and you were walking in the hallway alone when a group of girls came running past you. They had a bandana covering their face and flowers in their hands. They jump down the stairs at full speed.

"Hey get back here!" Your classmate steps out of the classroom you were about to enter. You walk in to see Hanijima, Uotani, Kyo, Tohru and other students talking.

"We needed thoughts. They can get so annoying." A girl said, rolling her eyes.

"What happened?" You asked now fully in the room.

"They stole our flowers, more specifically the ones Yuki made."

"Why?" You asked again.

"You see...Yuki is their 'prince'."

"Dumb fan girls. They took a bunch too. Looks like you better get to work Kyo." Uotani said, pointing to Kyo.

"Why me? They stole the stupid jerks flowers not mine. I just finished mine not too long ago." Kyo turns to the desk behind him where he had his finished flowers except, they weren't there anymore. "They're all gone!"

"Not my problem."

"What the hell! Where'd they go?!"

The fan girls took them. Just like they did with Yuki. This time it was a different girl. The one in charge asked Kyo out on your trip a couple months ago. She really doesn't know what no means.

"Either way you have to start over."

"Your kidding me." Kyo grumbled.

"But seriously what are we going to do?" Uotani questioned. "It's not like it's Yuki's fault they got taken, we can't have him come back and make more."

"Wait so- we have to make them?"

"Hell no! I'm not letting them do this! We need to get justice!" Uotani said as everyone stormed out the classroom leaving you and Kyo behind.

You guys have been...distanced. Not talking or hanging out as much. Maybe it was from everything going on? After the talk with Kureno you've had a lot of pressure on you and the secrets shared. There was a reason he only told you and Tohru so if you slip up, hell would break loose.

No words were shared between the two. It's been about an hour of you sitting in silence. The sun was going down and the others still weren't back.

"Hey Kyo...." You finally spoke up. "What would you think if, if there was a zodiac who's curse was broken..?" You turn around to face him.

"Broken? What do you mean? I don't like what 's about that stuff." He said rather harshly.

You stay silent lowering your head, tears daring to fall. You were so upset with yourself, you should have kept your mouth closed. Now you've gotten him upset. The first time you guys speak and this happens.

Kyo notices how quiet you are and finally decides to look at you.

"Sorry." You manage to choke out.

"Wait don't be sorry, I'm not mad I swear!" Kyo goes on trying to find away to make you feel belter. Him apologizing over and over again.

A flower was placed in front of you.

Kyo had given you a flower to cheer you up. You take the flower, looking up at him.

Then you guys hug. 

Isuzu. Another person to hide stuff from. She was like you. desperate for a way to break the curse. You haven't talked in a while. the last time you cheeked up on her she was still in the hospital. 

A/n; If you don't know what Kureno told the girls lmk and ill tell you in the comments. ALSO I've said it before but I'll say it again; The next section of a cats fate is probably going to be short, meaning the book is going to end soon. The last season is only 12-13 episodes long and all of them aren't going to be focused on Kyo. I'm so sorry it's getting cut short, I'll try and make the chapters even longer to make up for it. And for the rest of the book Major spoilers ahead.

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