Chapter 11: Magift

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Chapter 11: The Magift Tournament
(Y/N) was once again having strange dreams.
"I can hear the sound of the wind." She thought.
A male lion appeared, walking up an inclined rock, a mandrill following behind him. When they reached the edge, the mandrill held up a lion cub which was actually colored unlike the rest of the black and white dream world the first instance of this happening. A lioness joined them as the mandrill lifted the cub to the skies, and golden sunlight beamed down on them.
(Y/N) then woke up to the sound of Grim making a racket in his sleep. Swampert was also roused and kicked the gray furred monster off the bed in protest. Grim hit the floor with a thud.
"Ow! What was that for!?"
Luxray and Absol growled at him from their pillow pile, shutting him up so they could sleep more. (Y/N) gave him a blank stare.
"You were sleep talking. Actually, sleep shouting is more fitting."
"That doesn't mean Swampert can kick me!" His face deflated. "It was just a dream... I thought I took down Riddle.... How disappointed."
(Y/N) gave him a soft smile. "We might need to train more."
"All right! Then let's get going so I can become a great magician!" Grim said.
The day passed pretty swiftly and the first year group accompanied by Typhlosion headed towards the cafeteria to eat.
"Ugh... I think all the magic Professor Trein uses to put students to sleep. No matter how hard I try, I kept falling asleep!" Grim complained loudly.
"It took you 5 minutes to fall asleep." Deuce pointed out. "You didn't struggle at all."
(Y/N) sighed while her fire type grumbled at Grim's laziness. "Don't you dare, Typhlosion, you were just as bad at one point."
"It's finally lunch time, what should I eat!" Ace sang as they arrived.
They were greeted by a swarm of students in the room, far more than usual.
"...ah? Looks like there's a lot of people in the cafeteria today." Ace noted.
A cafeteria ghost flew by and seemed to have overheard his confusion.
"Today is our monthly special menu day! The famous bakery from the bottom of the mountain is catering today! Better hurry before all the good stuff sells out!"
"I'll have 3 chocolate croissants please!"
"I was able to get something! This shop's egg sandwich are amazing!"
The hunger could be heard all around and (Y/N) was relieved to have brought Typhlosion now, since the fire type could probably deter any overly eager students from trying to trample them.
"The egg salad sandwich are officially sold out! And there is only one more of our deluxe minced cutlet sandwich left!" The ghost announced.
"Heh, everything looks so good! I wonder what I should buy." Ace declared.
"Be careful not to get your arm bitten off." (Y/N) cautioned, looking at the crazed, hungered looks of the other students. She then realized her shoulder was light again.
"Wait, where did Grim go?"
"Out of the way!! That deluxe minced cutlet sandwich is mine!"
He leapt over the heads of the students and made a break for the counter, ignoring cries of protest and anger.
"Hey you, don't cut in line!"
"A freshman like you shouldn't be cutting in front of your seniors! Get out!"
"He forgets we exist when food is around!" Deuce exclaimed, as Ace sighed.
(Y/N) began to push through the crowd to catch the monster, her friends following behind, muttering apologies as she went. They managed to catch up to the cat in time to see some seniors readying their pens to attacks. (Y/N) motioned to Typhlosion, who moved in front of Grim and ignited his fiery collar. That, plus the deadly look he gave them immediately made the seniors back down. Grim didn't seem to realize Typhlosion had just saved him though.
"How's that! This last deluxe minced cutlet sandwich is mine! Nyaha! And the yakisoba bread and cream filled bread are also mine!"
Deuce tried to get Grim to apologize while (Y/N) scratched her Pokémon behind the ears for stopping a fight.
"Good work, boy. Choose whatever you like."
"Excuse me, I'd like the grilled roast beef sandwich with lots of lettuce!" Ace ordered.
"Don't just start ordering too!" Deuce barked at his friend.
The group quickly made themselves scarce before any bolder seniors tried to challenge them, claiming a nearby table for themselves.
"Nyaha! I get to enjoy it all to myself in sweet victory!" Grin licked his lips.
Suddenly, a boy with animal ears approached them, likely from Savanaclaw judging by the ears, the yellow vest, and the armband.
"Ah, you're pretty amazing. Im surprised you managed to get ahold of that deluxe minced cutlet sandwich."
Grin blinked at him. "Ah? Who are you?"
"Hey, so I really need that sandwich today, but they're sold out. So I'm going to make you a proposal. How about you trade me your deluxe minced cutlet sandwich for this mini red bean bun I got?"
"Hah?! No way I'm doing that!"
(Y/N) rolled her eyes. The day Grim gave up food was the day Flygon would stopped doting on Gabite like he was still a Gible, never.
"Aw come on now." A devious grin settled on the boy's face. "Don't say that, here you go."
He extended his arm, and suddenly Grim began to move towards him.
"Ah!? What's this?! My arms and legs are moving on their own!?"
"Well, this is different." (Y/N) said, not really moving to interfere.
The two exchanged foods and the Savanaclaw student had a pleased grin.
"All right, trade complete!" His laugh sounded like a Mightyena's. "I'm so happy I found someone nice to trade with! I promise that mini red bean bun is really delicious. Well, see ya around! Bye-bye!"
Grim teared up as he watched the student vanish. "AHHH! My deluxe minced cutlet sandwich!!!"
None of the others had much sympathy for Grim, though his behavior was odd. Still, that's what he gets for cutting in line.
"This is the worst day ever! My sandwich was taken from me..."
"But you just ate 3 buns already." Ace pointed out.
"Even so, what happened earlier?" Deuce asked. "If you wanted your sandwich, you shouldn't have traded with him."
"No, you got it all wrong! I don't know how to explain it! When he waved his hand, my arms moved on the their own. And then before I knew it, he already had my sandwich." Grim tried to explain.
"Ah, I get it. You just went with it. Don't worry about it, happens to all of us." Ace nodded, seeming to understand.
(Y/N) didn't buy it. She knew all about behaviors and what the room for strange behaviors was. What Grim did wasn't normal.
"That's not what I meant!" Grim growled. "Ah! I just can't explain it! Geez, I don't understand so I'm just going to eat my feelings away! Deuce, give me your pasta!"
Deuce was quick to get the plate out of his reach. "This has nothing to do with me! Stop that!"
Grim then turned to Typhlosion, who was eating roasted chicken, and the fire growled at him, daring him to try it. (Y/N) grabbed the monster by the collar to prevent a fight, informing his whines.
"Oh yeah, didn't the headmaster tell us to go to his office after school? I wonder what what he wants to talk about." Ace asked aloud.
"My guess is, it's probably about the incident with Dorm Leader Rosehearts the other day." Deuce deduced (I kicked myself for this).
"Oh, the evil villain berserker mode right? That might be it, huh?" Ace agreed.
"Hah! He might finally give me my canned tuna as a reward for saving the day!" Grim said excitedly.
"I doubt it." Ace shot down in a heartbeat.
After lunch, they headed to Crowley's office, knocking before entering.
"Excuse us, Headmaster." Deuce said as they filed in.
"Excuse us." Ace said less politely.
The headmaster was sitting at his desk with floating pictures of the Great Seven behind him.
"You are all here. Now then, I would like to begin quickly. I asked you to come here because of the Heartslabyul incident the other day. I believe I should explain it to you properly."
"You mean Overblot, right?" Deuce asked.
Crowley nodded. "Correct, that's right."
"I've heard about Overblot from my big brother, but I didn't expect it to be like that. It's really just evil villain berserk mode, huh?" Ace said.
"So what exactly does 'blot' mean?" Grim asked.
"All right then, let me explain it to you, because I am so kind." (Y/N) felt her eye twitch as Crowley cleared his throat. "Blot refers to wasteful material that accompanies any magic that is used. For example, say a vehicle needs fuel in order to move, but when it's used, smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe. Blot occurs much the same way... does that make sense?"
"In other words, it's like an exhaust pipe for magic?" The trainer summed up. "That can't be good for a person."
"Exactly. There are recent and old historical records about research into Overblot, however it is still a big mystery. There is one thing we know for certain and that is it can be fatal to the mind and body."
"Oh yeah, I remember my grandma used to tell me, 'Don't just use all your magic for no reason, you don't wanna go into Overblot'." Ace reminisced.
"Such great powers come with high risks. No even the greatest magicians have unlimited magical energy." The headmaster stated urgently.
"So basically, the more magic you use, the more harm you do to your body?" Grim said, his voice laced with dread.
"No, not entirely." Crowley hummed. "Hmm....I think it would be easier to understand if I just show you. Come out ghosts, I have a job for you!"
A few ghosts appeared at his summon.
"Oh ho. Did you call, Headmaster?"
Ace looked at the ghosts in alarm as Typhlosion growled."Eh? W-What's going on?"
"Please teach these kids a lesson." Crowley requested.
Deuce stood on guard as one of them floated to him. "Eeh?!"
The ghost smiled mirthfully. "We got this taken care of. Should we show them?"
"Now everyone, please ready your magical pens. Headmaster's special lesson is far from over! (Y/N), please no Pokémon assistance."
"Yes sir."
After casting some spells at the ghosts, the ghosts were dismissed by Crowley, to the boys' confusion.
"Hey Headmaster! Training with the ghost didn't help me understand Blot at all!" Grim said.
Crowley tipped his head slightly. "Grim, please look at the magic crystal on your collar."
Once the gray cat did, his eyes widened. "Wah! There's dirt on my crystal! It won't come off!" He desperately tried to rub the tainted color from the gem to no avail.
"I don't think that's dirt..." (Y/N) said, picking up Grim to examine it. The color was murky and black at the edges.
"That is because it is Black Ink that has tainted the crystal." Crowley explained. "That is the Blot produced when you use excessive magic."
"Ah! Now that I look closely, my magical pen has a faint black ink smear on it too!" Deuce's ruby red crystal also had dark stains.
"Eh? It looks so dirty!" Grim remarked as he saw the boy's pen.
(Y/N) frowned. Ink...was that what she and her Pokémon were hearing? "Is this effect permanent?"
The masked male his head. "No."
"Oh, what a relief...phew." Grim relaxed.
"Proper rest and time will make the Blot disappear on its own."
"I see...other words, once our magic crystals become hazy, it's a sign for us to let our bodies rest." Deuce concluded.
"That is correct. The Blot disappears if you eat, sleep, and get some good rest."
"That's good to hear! That means I can rest and still become a great magician! I do eat and sleep a lot." Grim grinned.
"Being lazy and a glutton is another beast all together." (Y/N) scolded.
"So if we use our magic without thinking, it's easier for us to accumulate Blot then?" Ace asked.
"To a certain extent, yes, though with your abilities, I don't think you need to worry just yet. A relief wouldn't you say?"
"It's kinda hard to be happy about that." Ace shot back.
"So if your crystal gets dark, you can go into evil berserk mode like Riddle?" Grim paled slightly at the memory and (Y/N) also shivered.
"Anger, sadness, fear, and confusion... experiencing constant negative energy will make it easier to accumulate Blot."
"Negative energy..." Deuce mumbled.
(Y/N) had a sad look. "Yeah, that makes sense. When I went into Riddle's memories, I could tell he was in a lot of pain, but he didn't let it show. It was just building under the surface before he finally snapped."
"A giant shadow similar to what Rosehearts had when he went into Overblot may also occur. It's almost like a manifestation of all then negative energy and Blot he accumulated. Honestly I don't know much more than that. From what we've researched, there are many ways to Overblot, but there are not many examples to study."
"That's good not having enough examples! I don't ever want to experience that again!" Ace said.
"It was a miracle you were able to get through to Rosehearts. If he had been left alone then..." Crowley suddenly screamed. "I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT! HOW TERRIFYING!"
Typhlosion hissed at him for the sudden change in volume and (Y/N) also flinched at the volume.
"Ah! Don't just start screaming!" Grim yelled at him.
"Ahem. Terribly sorry, I lost my composure." Crowley composed himself before continuing. "That was a long explanation, but in short, using magic can be equally as dangerous. Everyone, do not forget my warning."
"Yes." The boys responded.
"That is all for now from you ever so kind headmaster! Everyone, please head back to class now."
Before they could leave, (Y/N) had to ask.
"Headmaster, before we go, have you  found a way to get me home?"
He paled, irking the girl. He avoided her narrowing gaze as he spoke.
"Of course I have been doing research! I did not forget, but you see...I've been quiet busy recently."
Grim deadpanned at him. "You're avoiding eye contact."
"I am not lying! I haven't been very busy preparing for the Inter-Dorm Magical Shift Tournament in October. There's even a Dorm Leader's meeting after this."
"Magical Shift Tournament?" Grim repeated. (Y/N) did the same.
"(Y/N), you don't know about Magift?" Ace looked at her baffled.
"How many times do I need to remind you I'm from another world?"
"It's a world famous sport. They have a whole pro league and even international tournaments." Deuce explained.
"I don't know about it either!" Grim spoke up.
Ace began to explain rules. "Magical Shift, or Magift for short, is a sport where 2 teams of 7 play against each other. Its basically a sport where you try to take a disk from your opponent and shoot it through the other team's goal. The team with the most points wins."
"" (Y/N) said. "That sounds fun."
"Soccer? Is that a sport where your from." Deuce asked.
She nodded. "Yeah, same set up, but we use a ball. Sometimes it just humans, sometimes it Pokémon, and sometimes it's mixed."
Crowley held his chin. "I'm not familiar with your world...I will have to research this next time I go to the library."
Ace looked at her. "Hm... But I think it'd be hard for you to be in the tournament, (Y/N)."
"Why?" Grim asked.
"Let me guess, magic?"
"Yup. You carry the disk with magic, and all the maneuvers and plays require magic." Deuce explained.
"I'm sure my Pokémon could do that."
"Now that would be a show!" Ace sang. "With what we saw, your Pokémon are super flashy!"
"Exactly! That's why Night Raven College is the renowned champion champion of Magical Shift! Many of our alumni went on to play professionally!" Crowley toned his excitement down. "Professional teams will be observing the school tournament and many famous magicians from around the world will as well. It's a very important and exciting even that is televised world wide."
"It's televised?" (Y/N) was reminded of her own tournament battles back home, especially during her apprenticeship to be the next Hoenn league champion. Her first official event was a televised exhibition match against her then mentor, Cynthia.
"People watching from around the world? Well then, if I win the tournament, everyone around the world will know my name!" Grim's eyes sparkled.
Crowley nodded. "Of course! Players who perform exceptionally and win the tournaments get scouted to join professional teams."
"In Grim and (Y/N)'s cases, I think people would be more surprised seeing monsters playing in the tournament." Deuce said with an amused smile.
"All right! I'm going to start training right away and aim for victory!" Grim declared.
"Ah, but Grim can't participate in the tournament." Crowley informed him.
The monster paused mid-cheer and looked at him. "Eh?"
"I've said it before that this is an 'Inter-Dorm' competition, and your dorm doesn't have 7 people, right? That's why you can't participate."
Grim screamed. "Ehhhh?!! No way!"
"There are many things you can do during the tournament. You can hand out drinks or help prepare the field. Stone, I'm sure you setting up a booth to show off your Pokémon would be extremely popular." Crowley tried to encourage them. "The players on the field aren't the only main characters, you know?"
"No! I don't wanna! I don't wanna!" Grim protested. "I want people watching to chant 'Kya! Grim is so cool!' or 'Did you see that amazing play?!' That's what I want to hear!"
"That's some wild imagination" Ace remarked.
"You can only hope to get more people into Ramshackle for next year, but for now, just let it go." Deuce said.
"But I have plenty of Pokémon, can't they participate?"
"I suppose they could, but it is a hassle with having to add a new team this close to the tournament."
"So, this is just about inconvenience then?"
"Now if you'll excuse me!" Crowley mumbled to himself, "Aah, so so busy."
"You're so mean for getting my hopes up..." Grim whimpered.
(Y/N) patted his head. "There, there buddy, maybe next year?"
It didn't do much to cheer him up.
Another day passed, and Grim was sprawled out on the couch staring at the ceiling with dead eyes, groaning.
"Ah... don't have any motivation at all...I don't get to be in the Magift tournament."
(Y/N' sighed from her spot curled up on Luxray. "Still not over it?"
The Ramshackle ghosts appeared. "What's wrong Grim? You don't seem as lively as usual." The smaller ghost said.
"Its because he can't participate in the Magical Shift Tournament." The bigger ghost explained.
Gengar was likely gossiping again.
"If you want to play so badly, we can play against you." The lanky ghost, offered. "90 years ago, we used to be top players!"
"How long have you guys been here again?" (Y/N) mumbled.
"But we can't play without 7 players, right?" Grim said flatly.
"It doesn't matter unless it's a real match. Now then, let's get started!" The smaller ghost pushed them out of the dorm (Luxray took over the couch) and to the field.
"Don't worry about the rules for now. Just try to score" the lanky ghost assured them.
Grim nodded confidently, the disk floating above his head.
"Game, start!"
The ghost swarm Grim, who darted about trying to avoid their attack. However, he was being scared left and right and struggled to keep them away.
(Y/N) eventually saw him starting to falter and shouted. "Grim! Pass!"
He flung the disk in her direction, but he was completely off. Luckily, Lycanroc appeared and caught it, wagging his tail happily. A few of the Pokémon had been watching from the hill, and Lycanroc must have thought it was just a game of frisbee. (Y/N) smiled.
"Good catch, Lycanroc! You wanna play too boy?"
He barked happily and the match became a 3-on-3. Lycanroc was a great partner for Grim because as a rock type, he wasn't worried about fire. At the end of the match, the ghosts approached (Y/N).
"Your Pokémon are really good for this (Y/N)!" The big ghost complimented. "Maybe next year you can participate with them!"
"Yeah, flashiness is especially important in Magical Shift!" The lanky ghost agreed. "It gets your noticed by the crowd."
"I suppose that's true" She replied, scratching Lycanroc. "We do also have the advantage from coming from another world."
Crowley then suddenly appeared. "Oh? Are you all playing Magical Shift?"
Grim made a face at him. "Geh. The bringer of bad news is here..."
"It looks like you're getting along with the dorm ghosts in your dorm. Very good."
"We're not really getting along!" Grim retorted. "Anyway, what are you here for?"
"I came to ask a favor."
They followed Crowley to the lounge room, and the baby Pokémon fought over (Y/N)'s lap before Raichu appeared, claiming the spot.
"What' do you want from us?" Grim asked. "We aren't your servants you know."
"Oh? Did I forget to mention that I have not guaranteed you 2 will be living here permanently? Hard is a wonderful thing."
(Y/N) gave him a threatening smile. "You want to tell that to the dinosaurs, kaiju, and Swampert?"
That immediately shut him down.
"Ahem, well let me start this again. There have been many injuries due to some suspicious incidents at the school. I'd like to investigate the matter."
"People are getting injured?" Grim tilted his head.
"Indeed. Students a falling down stairs, burned with boiling water, stuff like that. The reasons vary, but there have been so many students sent to the infirmary due to strange accidents. Yesterday there was another incident where a student fell from the staircase. This is the 10th victim. Unfortunately, there haven't been many witnesses."
"The 10th!?" (Y/N) exclaimed.
"Are you sure they weren't just all accidents?" Grim suggested.
"The magical Shift Tournament is coming soon and maybe students are being a little less tame, however compared to last year, the number is suspiciously high. On top of that, most of the students who were injured were top candidates for the Magical Shift Tournament."
(Y/N) closed her eyes and nodded her head. "Okay, that is definitely a red flag."
Crowley nodded. "Excellent deduction. However, there isn't any evidence to prove they weren't just accidents. Every incident had at least one witness report the exact same thing as the victim. None of the victims acted out of the ordinary."
"So doesn't that mean they were just clumsy? Yup! Mystery solved." Grim said nonchalantly.
(Y/N) gave him a hard look. "Grim!"
"Oh Grim, don't you think you're jumping to conclusions here?" Crowley looked at him in disappointment.
(Y/N) crossed her arms. "I think he is. That number of incidents and the people who are victims can be a coincidence."
"But why should I care! This has nothing to do with me. I don't get to participate in the tournament either way. I don't care what happens." Grim said indifferent.
"Is that so? After I came all this way to offer you a special reward..." Crowley trailed off to draw him in.
"Heh! Im not falling for that ever again! I'm not cooperating unless you give me at least 100 cans of tuna." Grim argued.
"Then how about I allow you to participate in the Magical Shift Tournament?"
That caught Grim's attention. "Eh?!"
"If you manage to solve this case, I will grant your dorm special permission to participate in this year's tournament. Well? How about that? Aren't I so kind?"
"As a Vanillex." (Y/N) muttered (read its Dex entries for context).
"The winners of the tournament will be broadcasted on national TV. It's a chance to be admired and praised. 'Hyu hyu! Did you see that new player Grim? Or those amazing monsters never before seen in our world?'"
"This is bad...I'm being tempted just imagining it!" Grim admitted.
"Oh, but I remember you saying you didn't want to cooperate. What a shame, forget I ever said anything." He stood up to leave.
"WAIT A SECOND! I'll do it! I'll do it!"
The headmaster looked to Grim. "Oh? You will?"
"If you're going to let me in the tournament, then it's obvious! Right, (Y/N)?"
"Sure, but I was fine with just helping. So my Pokémon can fill out the team?"
Crowley nodded. "Fret not. As the headmaster I will allow it"
"Yes! It's a promise! Let's hurry and interview some victims!" Grim said, darting out of the room.
(Y/N) ran after him, Raichu still in her arms. "Grim, wait! We need to know who the victims are!"
Crowley smiled. "I'm counting the both of you."

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