Chapter 3: Entrance Exam

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Y/n, Midoriya, and Bakugou(surprisingly) sat beside each other respectively. After a little bit of waiting, a strangely-looking blonde walking radio walked onto the stage and started talking. Or rather screamed.

"Welcome one and all to my live show! Everybody say hey!!" But he was met by a deathly silence, probably because everyone is too serious perhaps. So being the hyperactive person the blonde is, he continues on.

"I've got shivers down my spine too, listeners! Alright, examinees... I'm gonna give you the low-down on how this'll go down! Are you ready?! YEAAAHHH!!" Another silent response. Is this a grave or something?

"Oh my god, it's the Voice-Type Hero 'Present Mic'!" He goes on to tell them that he listen to him every week on the radio. Irritated, Bakugou simply said,

"Shut it"

"Now, pay close attention, listeners! We'll be testing your capabilities by running a ten-minute practice run at our replica city district! You can take whatever you like! Everybody gathers at the designated meeting area after the presentation, ya dig?!" Present Mic said. But still matched by the silence of the examinees.

"They don't intend on letting friends or classmates cooperate, huh?" Bakugou said, sounding rather rational for once.

"Well, they give us serial numbers for the exam, but it seems the actual meeting areas are elsewhere" Midoriya tried to socialize with the Gremlin. Keyword: 'Tried'.

"Don't look at me, or I'll kill you. It probably set up so I don't get to kill you"

".........." Midoriya looked at him worriedly while Y/n just glare at him without emotion escapes his facial expression.

After a long run down about the test. That is almost similar to a game. A student wearing glasses shot his hand up.

"Excuse me, may I ask a question?!"

'His voice is strict. Not suitable for his age, that for sure' Thought to himself yet again.

"On the handout, they're clearly 'four' types of villains listed! Such an error would be the height of embarrassment for a top-tier national academy of the U.A's caliber!! The reason we are seated here today is that we seek guidance on the path of becoming model heroes!!!" He voiced his own thoughts.

Being the straightforward person our Bladed-Hero is, he speaks up.

"You really should calm down" Said Y/n with his venomous monotone voice.

"You really shouldn't lash out like that, you know?" He stands up and faces the glasses guy. "Don't you know manner? As I see it, the presentation is nowhere near done. So I'd expect Present Mic would explain the fourth type villain, right sir?" Y/n turns his head to Present Mic. The teacher shudders at this.

"Man, he's ruthless... I don't want to get on his bad side. Remind me then, future me! Yes, examinee 4201(no...) I was getting there! The fourth type of villain you'll encounter is worth zero points! So you better just run away! No point fighting it!"

"T-Thank you very much! I apologize for being rude!" "You better be..." Y/n sat down while muttering those words.

"Well! That's enough from me! I'll leave you all with a presentation on the 'school precept' of the academy of mine! As a certain 'Hero' by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "A true hero never stops overcoming the misfortunes in life"!! " He said to the crowds.

"Seems like Midoriya is a true hero, he has overcome the greatest misfortune in his life.." You thought.

"Now let's move to the main event!! Plus Ultra!! Break a leg, everyone!"

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