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"It's a pleasure to have you Morgan," Queen Julia welcomed me to her home. Despite having servants she made sure that I had settled in nicely. My room was just across Cam. Meaning, we'd see each other from time to time or I just have to make sure that we don't end up in situations that makes us meet in the corridor.

Kayla taught me one proper etiquette after I decided to agree to this shit. Like bow to greet the Royal family and that was what I did when I stepped foot in their home.

I had just a week to pack my stuff, resign from my teaching position but Mrs. Humphrey told me I could come back anytime. I really don't get that old woman.

But this pretending will be challenging. It's not really easy to persuade someone else when you can't even persuade yourself.

Queen Julia is smart and I must not underestimate her.

"Lady Morgan, I'll be your assigned maid," a woman in her early thirties announced herself and smiled, slightly bowing.

They had strict dress code for the servants. For females they must have their hair tied to a bun and they looked really neat.. They had different shades of blue and white of uniforms for each day and must always look presentable.

But the personal maid for each member of the Royal Family had different colors so no one woukd be confused. I had only seen Cam's maid so far who wore a shade of green when I walked in earlier.

I was assigned to my maid, Vivian but she prefers the name Vi and she wears maroon. For the males, always clean shaven and a uniformed hair style. 

"Please, just call me Morgan."

"I cannot do that m'lady. Queen Julia strictly requires to offer titles."

"Well she isn't here right is she?"

Vi smiled and nodded.

"Here," she handed me something that looked like a beeper or something. "Press this if you need me whenever I am not around. The Queen doesn't like shouting."

So far I think the Queen is the head of this house or something. It's always the Queen this and that.

"The Queen request to see you. She's outside waiting with Princess Lorraine," she added.

"Princess Lorraine?" I asked Vi. I never heard of another Princess before. Maybe it's her sister.

"Yes, you may know her as Princess Cameron," she informed. Cameron Lorraine, I snickered. I should tease her about it. "But she prefers Cam but the Queen insisted on punishing her to call her Lorraine for a week."

"How does Ca-I mean the Princess feel about it?"

"Strongly dislikes it," she giggled. "But anyway m'la-Morgan, you shouldn't keep the Queen waiting."

At times like these, I really need Kayla but she was so in a hurry to go back home for her piled up schedules and meetings. Sucks to be her.

Should I start by making myself late? It was only the first day maybe I should just stay low and relax for now.

"What should I wear?" I asked Vi.

She showed me a dress she prepared for me which was beautiful.

"You look beautiful," she complimented and I thanked her kindly.

After making myself look decent, I asked Vi to take me to where the Queen was because I would get lost finding my way.

The Queen and Cam stood modestly side by side. I think I've never seen this side of Cam before, so calm and ladylike in her dress pants and button up but as soon as they turned around, Cam had that sinister look plastered on her face..

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