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A/N: Quick note, this will be exactly like a Grey's Anatomy episode. I won't say which one but it is a good one. Anyways, Here is Chapter 17!!!

Y/n's POV:

It is now Sunday, 4:30 am and we have just landed. I woke up my mother just as they were allowing people off the plane. We went to get our baggage and Jimin helped get my mother's. After we walked to the exit of the airport and I saw Yoongi and Hoseok. I told him and we both walked over towards them. We both greeted and they greeted us and my mother. "Well, I will take Jimin home and Yoongi will be taking you and your mother home. Oh also, The chief said both of you can have the day off for today but he expects you tomorrow morning." Hoseok said smiling. I nodded and thanked him. Yoongi took both my luggage and my mother's and all of us walked to Yoongi's car. I let my mom get on first then helped yoongi. "Hey, Before we head to the apartment, can you take me to see B/F/N?" I asked. "Sure, Also, she's improving very well," he said and we both got in. Then he drove to the Hospital.

Once, we got to the hospital, I had told my mother I would see B/F/N. She was shocked but decided to go with me. We checked up on her and they said she would be released now. Jin then brought the paperwork and we got her things and came home. Yoongi opened the door for my mother and then for me. I went to open the door for my mother and then tried to help Yoongi with helping B/F/N but he didn't let me and so I brought the luggage inside. "Thank you, yoongi," I said and gave him some cash as a thank you. "No, Y/n, it's fine. See you tomorrow," he said and left. I walked B/F/N's new room and helped her lay down. Then I showed my mom her room and went to the kitchen to make Breakfast. I saw my mother walk out of her room and she decided to help me cook. Then we ate with B/F/N and we spent our day together.

*Next Day*

~beep, beeep~

I woke up and looked at my side desk and saw my pager go off. I looked at it and saw that Taehyung was paging me. I decided to get up quickly. As I went downstairs, I saw my mom sitting drinking her morning coffee, "I have to go now mom, can you take care of B/F/N while it goes to work?" I asked. "Of course, and please be careful, it is very foggy," she said and I went out the door quickly. I got to the hospital, quickly put my things away, and went to the E.R. I reached the E.R., and Taehyung was talking to the interns and then saw me and excused himself. "Good morning y/n, I called you in because the chief told me to page you, how was the trip?" he said. "It was nice, How was work?" I asked. "It was good," he said. "Oh, before I forget, would you like to go get lunch together?" he asked. "Yeah that sounds good, I didn't pack anything so I'm free." I said and he chuckled Then the chief walked up and said "quickly, we got a call saying a ferry had crashed since the fog was heavy, now that it has lifted, we have to go." He said and we quickly got in the Ems with our first aid bags. The ride was silent but I decide to say something since I rode with the interns and Taehyung. "everyone is on their own, so this means if you see someone who needs help, does it. Save lives." I said and that's when the EMS came to a stop. We all quickly got off.

Hoseok immediately got there and quickly attended to someone who needed to go to the hospital, however she was refusing. "I refuse to go, where is my husband?!!" she yelled. "Steven, go find the husband, quick, she needs surgery A.S.A.P!" he said Then Hoseok left. Yoongi was helping someone unconscious. Taehyung quickly helped an elder who couldn't seem to get up. "Miss, what is wrong?" he said and noticed she had a huge gash on her side. "Alright miss please, don't move I am a surgeon and am here to help you," he said. I saw a child and she looked scared and lost, I decided to help her, "I'll be right back Taehyung, I am going to find this child's parent" I said he nodded and we began to walk quickly around the scene.

End of y/n pov

Third-person POV

On the other hand, The interns were fighting their own battles. "Help! Please someone help!" someone said and Mina ran in that direction. "Yes, how can I help?" "my friend he's trapped." Mina looked and saw that the person was trapped in between two cars but was still breathing. "Sir, stay calm, I will save you, stay with me and listen to what I am saying," she said and the man nodded. Jackson on the other hand noticed a pregnant lady laying down trapped on some wood and soon she awoke but with great pain. Jackson quickly asked, "Help we have a pregnant lady right here and she needs medical help!" Quickly the medics helped him and Jackson attended to her since he did not know if she had fallen or not. Taemin was helping someone who was also unconscious and decided to head back to the hospital A.S.A.P.

Y/n had walked around with the child for like five minutes and no sign anywhere. She noticed that someone need urgent help. "Sir, I need you to stay calm. Can you hand me those tweezers," She asked the child and she helped me. She was helping him and while she tried to stitch him up he got up. "no sir, sit." she said and he kept walking back and forward. Soon she noticed that she was near the end of the edge and saw the ocean. "Sir, you need to sit down, now" he ignored her and pushed her back. Soon enough she was in the water. Then she blacked out.

end of Y'n's pov

Taehyung's POV

I was finishing up with the elder and looked up. There was the little girl but y/n was nowhere to be found. Ems came up to me and asked if I needed them to transport her. I nodded and walked up to the little girl. She walked to the edge and pointed to the water. I was confused and then it hit me Y/N!!! I jump in quickly and saw that she was drowning, I quickly pulled her up. Some bystanders helped me get her on the concrete. "Y/N!!Y/N!!" I said and checked for a pulse.....none..... "EMS!!EMS!!" I yelled so that they would hear me. I then began chest compressions. EMS quickly ran and began to transport her. I got in with her and continued chest compressions. Stay with me y/n.....

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