Chapter 9

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Angel's POV  (Suprise shawty)

I was about to give Liv the shock of her life with what I was going to tell her. I've been gone for a few years now and to just show up out of the unknown like this I had to give her an explanation on why I left and this was the time.

I looked her in the eyes taking a deep breath and started to talk, "So the day I eventually disappeared it was all planned" I stopped and looked at her to make sure she was listening. She gave me a nod signaling me to continue which I did.

"Your mom and mine set it all up. That day I was coming to give you a gift but I overheard them talking-"


I just bought a doll for Liv because I know how she loves them, and I love to see the happiness in her eyes when she sees them because it just warms my heart to see her little dimpled smile.

I was walking up to her room with the gift box in hand when I heard some low whispers coming from the kitchen. Curiosity getting the better of me I quietly crept my way over to the door of the kitchen.

"Don't you think I know that Iris, and besides I never wanted a daughter anyways" Said a voice that sounded all too familiar, Why does that voice sound like Moms?. I stepped a little closer so I could hear closely and what I heard next made me Livid to the core. 

"I'm not saying you shouldn't do it because I clearly need the money that little rascal Liv is making me go bankrupt, but are you sure you want to give your only child to some unknown man for money?" 

Wait that's Aunty Iris!! 

"Yes, I'm sure as I said I didn't want a daughter Iris and now are you going to keep your mouth shut?!" the other person said. That voice sounds all too familiar, why?

"Only if you give me half of the money you get." What money are they talking about and why did they mention Liv. And as a matter of fact WHCIH DAUGHTER ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT!?!

At that thought, I made my way to the clearing so I could see the faces of the persons who were talking. I stood rooted to my spot, you've got to b kidding, this is a joke, right?

It was my mom and my aunt Iris. Are they talking about me, selling... I was snapped out of my thoughts by my mom saying, "Whatever but just keep your mouth shut I don't want Angel's dad finding out about this"

So they were talking about me. I ran away from the scene to Livs bedroom, I wanted to at least give her this barbie and spend my last moments with her than just to never see her again without even saying goodbye.

I made my way to her room door and took a deep breath before walking into her room. She was playing with her stuffed Minnie Mouse which brought a smile to my face. She stopped when she heard the door open.

"Angel!!" She screamed running from the bed to hug my feet seeing as she was so short. "Hey Liv," I said crouching down to give her a full hug.

"I got you a gift, here," I said breaking the hug and giving her the well-wrapped box behind her. She frantically started opening the box making me chuckle at her anticipation.

"Yay a barbie!, thank you Angel," She said smiling widely and coming back to give me a hug. I embraced her hug inhaling her strawberry perfume.

I hate to break it to you but that's sus bro

"Do you want to play dollhouse with me?" she asked breaking away from the hug. I gave her a pitiful look and said, I'm sorry kiddo but I can't right now, I have to leave because of some serious things right now"I said sadly.

"Oh," she said simply giving off a sad look then walking back over to her bed.

I got up immediately and went over to her. I cupped her cheek to bring her eyes to mine and said, "Hey, it's ok I'll be back soon I promise. And guess what, when I'm back I'll buy you all the dolls you want and we can play for the looooooongest time" I gave her a smile of reassurance.

She chuckled and startled me by jumping in my lap yet again embracing me in a hug. I smiled lightly and returned the hug.

I soon pulled away from the hug and gave her a sad smile, "I have to go now but remember I'll be back soon"

"Pinky promise?"She asked holding up her pinky to me which I intertwined with my pinky.

"Pinky promise, now I'll see you soon ok?"I stated but it came out more of an answer. She nodded her head and started playing with her dolls.

I let out a long sigh and made my way to the door, taking a look back I smile at her and close the door.

I started to make my way down the stairs ready to head home when my mom stopped me at the end of the staircase and said, "Angel you're gonna be spending a week at your aunts so she will be picking you up soon"

"What if I don't want to go?"I asked shrugging my shoulder casually.

To be honest we all know for a fact I'm not going to no "aunts house"so why even try to convince me?

"You have no say in this, you're going to your aunt's house whether you like it or not," She said calmly eyes piercing deep within my soul.

The next thing you know we are screaming at each other back to back while Liv and Aunt Iris watch us wearily. I honestly didn't want to fight around Liv but this woman was getting on my nerves like, how could you try to give your daughter up just for money!?!?

"your bags are already packed and are on the porch of our house," she said walking away with no care in the world. I was about to shout at her but then my gaze caught Liv's tear stained face on the stairs looking at me keenly.

I let out an exhausted sigh and make my way over to the sofa situated at the side of the staircase. I started to massage my head thinking of a way to get out of this mess. "Here drink this it will calm you down, and don't mind Iris she's just stressed right now."A voice said pulling me out of my thoughts.

I looked up to see aunt Iris holding a cup of water out to me with a smile as big as the Cheshire Cat plastered on her face. Why is she smiling like that, and wasn't she also apart of this big ordeal? But I could really use a cup of water.

I took the water from her not minding how she looked like a lunatic with that smile plastered on her face. I gulped down the water in one go and sighed once more. I rubbed my head feeling a little dizzy.

I got up ready to walk to the kitchen to hopefully find some aspirins for this awful headache. But that didn't go as planned because the next thing I see is my face coming in contact with the hardwood floor. I groaned and tried getting up but my eyes started to flutter close and then boom everything goes dark.


End Of Flashback

"And the next thing I know I'm in some fancy room and an old couple came in and started to explain what happened, supposedly they couldn't have a kid of their own after the woman's miscarriage so they just tried bribing someone to sell them their child. I started to warm up to them soon enough to call them mom and dad. I'm really sorry I didn't get to come back Liv I had so much work piled up I didn't even have time for myself"I finished off running my hand through my hair with a sigh.

"It's ok I, forgive you"

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