Chapter 36- a spell and a nightmare

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"Shit", Fred mumbled under his breath.

Professor McGonagall clicked her tongue loudly and crossed her arms over one another. "What has gotten into you Weasley's and that language!"

"Oh sorry", Fred said gently smiling.

"Everyone to my office . . . once again", sighed Dumbledore while shaking his head.

The two professors walked out first leading the group towards the moving staircase. George walked next to Fred but stayed silent.

Only footsteps could be heard as they slowly made their way down the stairs towards the hallway. Neville stared down at his feet the entire time, he looked ready to pass out.

Ginny pulled Ember towards her so they could walk together instead of Ember walking with Fred. "They didn't get the book", whispered Ginny.

Ember stared down at Ginny's lumpy looking stomach. "It's in your sweater!?", whisper- yelled Ember.

Ginny shushed her quietly and smiled, "They're not touching this", she reassured her.

Ember shook her head and grinned.

George nudged his twin brother, "Freddie"

"Mhm?", he hummed back.

"Ginny still has the book. They don't know we have it", he whispered to Fred.

Fred furrowed his eyebrows, "Why are you acting like they know what the book is? You think they know it exists?"

George nodded his head profusely, "You know Dumbledore knows everything"

Fred shrugged, "Guess you're right"

George turned his attention towards Lee who was walking with Professor McGonagall trying to bribe her.

"You know Minnie, if you could just let this whole thing go I'm sure I could-"

Professor McGonagall stared daggers into Lee's head, "Mr. Jordan! I suggest you shut your trap and think of your actions!"

Lee's eyes widened and he immediately backed off. "Shutting my trap now", he muttered.

"Ya know George, I'm sorry", whispered Fred.

George gazed at his brother, "For?"

"For losing my shit and taking it out on you back there in the common room. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. I just got upset and-"

"It's fine, really it's fine", George laughed quietly, "I shouldn't have touched Emberlynn anyways. She's yours"

Fred smiled to himself but instantly dropped the smile due to him realizing that made him smile. "Oh shut up she's not mine. And it's not okay! You're my brother I shouldn't have gotten mad at you like that"

George made a face, "Did you not just realize that I didn't even know what you were apologizing about? I totally forgot about it until you brought it up"

Fred raised his eyebrows, "Really??"

George nodded, "Yeah. I think we fight more than we realize and we never actually know we do it or we forget about it so easily"

Fred swung his arm around his brother and smirked. "I suppose so Georgie"

George did the same. "Now let's prepare ourselves for some more delicious detention", he said sarcastically.

The group walked into Dumbledore's office and waited until he made enough chairs for them appear in front of his desk. "You all may sit"

They all took their seats randomly. By the time Dumbledore sat down and got a look at them all, Ginny was half asleep sitting up.

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