38: Save Her

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*U guys praised and gave me a lot of love in the previous chap. And so, it infiresed me to make it moreeee 'fascinating' 😌*

3rd person pov

Soyun fell on the ground with a loud thud getting slapped by her beloved brother, namjoon. His ring made a deep cut on her right cheek, which would probably leave a scar afterwards. The blood flow made from her wound in forehead earlier was dried by now. Her messy hair, bruised chin, dried blood on the side, swollen eyes made her look like pathetic.

Her mind was filled with millions of questions. And the one which disturbed her most was 'Why are my brothers behaving like this?' She was crying silently looking at the ground and her gaze went to her curled up fist, which was still covered with Sana's blood. 'Did they think...i k-killed sana unnie? Is that why they are behaving like this? B-but why are they talking about mom? What had she ever done?' She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even hear jungkook calling her.

She came back to her senses when jungkook forcefully gripped a handful of her hair making her cry in pain.
You bitch. Have u turned deaf? Can't u hear me calling? HUH?
He screamed at the girl who was crying hysterically.
O-oppa it it hur-ts.
Soyun said with a lot if difficulty only to get slapped by jungkook this time.

Now her both cheeks were marked with red hand prints. She stumbled backwards and once again fall on the ground losing her balance.
Didn't i made myself clear? Don't.fucking.call.me.oppa. I can't be a brother of a freaking murderer! (A.n: Dude calm down. U r no better. Don't forget that u r a mafia. Ok nvm continue) Who killed my mother like noona by her own hands, who's mother tried to kill the person who literally gave her a roof to live, and having the same gene as her mother, her great great daughter tried to kill our appa!


All of them were waiting impatiently outside their father's operation room. They were waiting for the doctor but a nurse just came out driving all of their attention towards her. But the nurse eyes all of them and she spotted soyun among them. Her smirk was invisible to them as she was wearing a mask.
Nurse. What happened? Is he alright?
The nurse looked at namjoon, who asked her.

She diverted her gaze towards soyun again and spoke.
He is alright now. But mister, who r u to him? May i know?
She asked so that they doesn't get suspicious
Yes. We're his sons
He answered and the nurse again smirked when she saw they didn't introduced soyun as their sister.
May i talk to u privately for a moment?
The nurse asked politely as namjoon nodded.

After they were a little away, the nurse spoke
Umm...may i ask who that girl is with u?
She asked looking at soyun. Namjoon followed her gaze as he understood she was talking about soyun. The nurse had a satisfactory smirk on when she saw namjoon looking at her with anger and disgust.
She's...none. Why?
He asked looking at the nurse curiously. But the next thing she said left namjoon speechless.

This only succeed to add fuel to the fire. He was furious on soyun and her words made him more mad than ever.
Well...actually the thing is...i saw that girl to come out of this room sneakily. And the next thing was his breathing prob. Which turned out like she was the one who opened his oxyJIN mask. I don't know why did she do that. I hope you will fix the matter soon.
The nurse said casually and politely but only if he knew what hides behind that mask...

Flashback end

Soyun couldn't believe what he just said. She only knew what he said is not true, not a single word. They misunderstood.
Huh. Is that what ur 'meanie oppa' thought u? To be a murderer? Oh yeah. Or he himself was as filthy as his bloody family?
Namjoon said mockingly. And that's it. She can't take it anymore. She stood up immediately and looked at them with her puffy bloodshot red eyes.


She screamed in anger. She was so frustrated and worked up. She was already tired and depressed because of her mother's and sana's untimely death and on top of that their false blame wasn't helping. This only made her more sad and depressed. They were blaming on her for something she didn't even know.

But soon, she regretted spatting like this as she saw hoseok coming towards her with a monstrous glare. Her expression turned into a scared one, scared for her dear life. She stumbling backwards seeing the scary hoseok coming towards her. He looked like he could kill her at any moment. Soyun looked behind her and thought to run but jhope was fast enough to hold her wrist and dragging her to somewhere.

As for soyun, she tried her best to get free from his deadly grip. But whom are u kidding. His inner beast has already turned him on (a.n: my perverted mind uggghhh). Her wrist was turning into purple for the tight grip. He stopped in front of a room and looked at soyun with nothing but full of hatred and disgust.

His eyes no more showed happiness, it was only filled with darkness. His face no more shined, his lips (a.n: ahm) no more formed a heart. His inner demons woke up. And now, no one knows what's going to happen with the poor girl.

He opened the door making soyun widen her eyes as she saw the inside. He pushed her forcibly making her terrified. It was a dark, dusty store room. It looked like nobody stepped in that room for years. She wasn't paying attention to her surroundings when-

This is for being a gold digger, this is for being a slut, this for shouting at us, this for hiding ur true identity, this for lying at us, this for ur beggar mother who planned everything, this is for destroying our happiness, this for u who tried to kill our appa, this for killing sana. And this for coming into our lives.
*slap slap* (a.n: why am i laughing)

He slapped her at his every sentence and his one slap felt like an electric shock (a.n: wha-) to her. He realised her and left soyun there just like that. Soyun felt like the whole world around her is spinning. It was darker than ever here. She couldn't even breath properly. She fell on her knees gripping her hair for the unbearable pain in her head.

She couldn't stop crying. She was really weak to handle the things she was going through.
I-i didn't do a-anything. Plz be-believe me *hiccup* believe m-me
She mumbled to herself and then, she just gave up. She let the darkness engulf her as her body collapse on the dirty ground. She closed her eyes slowly and the last thing she could say was
S-save me t-taetae o-oppa....


Jaemin was becoming impatient by every minute. His mind was restless. He came back to korea yesterday. He has been trying to call soyun everyday but it continously told switched off. He was really worried about her and couldn't understand what happened to her. He even texted her multiple times hoping she would at least see these. But no reply.

One part of his heart said she's in danger and another part was filled with negative thoughts. Though they talked for only few days, they already created a strong bond. Jaemim couldn't push off the thoughts lingering in his mind for the past few days. The only thing he could think was 'Plz be safe yun'

Same goes with Jackson. He just got to know that sana was killed but he didn't know how, where and when. And this made him worried for soyun as well. He tried calling her multiple times but in vain. She didn't even leave him on read. No response. He didn't even know where she lives which made him even more restless. He still didn't know that Mrs. Lee married Mr. Kim and she died in the plane accident. His only concern for now was soyun. He only thought 'I hope u r safe my cherry'


End of chapter 38

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