Chapter 2

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It's officially my first day of school as a college student

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It's officially my first day of school as a college student. I entered the campus with a lot of students in the hallway. You can differentiate who is the freshman and the other college level based on the excitement they have on their faces. You know what it means, what kind of face or expression you can see attached on the senior's faces compared to the freshman.

I'm taking law school, well my parents wanted but It's my 100% decision to take this depressing field I wanted in the future.

Once I passed other students, I noticed their glances at me. I keep walking with a poker face, not letting the others get my attention. I find my way to the bulletin board to see what section I am. There's a lot of chaotic students surrounding the board.

I rolled my eyes and decided not to go, Instead I walked to the Dean's office. I knocked three times then the door opened.

"Do you need something Ms. Chun?". The secretary asked, I passed her and went straight to the Dean's desk.

"I need my section and schedule". I simply said and sat down on the chair across the table.

"We already posted it on the bulletin-"

"So you're expecting me to join that chaos?". I cut the Dean.

"Enough with that attitude of yours". I rolled my eyes and scoffed.

"Chohee, give the schedule of Ms. Chun". He said to his secretary, the girl quickly got it.

"It's first day of your college year, don't do anything stupid and change yourself! It's not gonna work here. Being a lawyer doesn't need that attitude you have". He extended his hand to give me my schedule.

"Whatever you said, thank you". I got my schedule and walked out the room.

I know you're confused why I act like that to the Dean-well that's my brother. We owned this campus. He was running this University as soon as he graduated since our Mom died in a car accident while my Dad, well my old Dad built another family with his second wife.

Since then my brother stands like my Mother and Father, he still has contact with our old Dad. I don't want to hear anything about him anymore. I'm done with everything about him. I tried to forget that I don't have a Father.

"L! I've been looking for you!". I looked to the side and saw Yuri.

L is my nickname, my mother gave that to me and I will treasure that single letter forever.

"Did I tell you to find me?". I asked in a sarcastic way and arched my eyebrows.

"What's gotten to you? It's too early to be in a bad mood". She slightly punched my shoulder.

"Nothing, I just hate all that looks". I looked around to let her see what I mean.

"Well, I finally got you. What's your first class?". I looked at the schedule on my hand.

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