Chapter 3

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The recitation went smoothly, most of our classmates failed to answer the question well, only me, Yuri and the boy from the last period got the right answer

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The recitation went smoothly, most of our classmates failed to answer the question well, only me, Yuri and the boy from the last period got the right answer.

"I'm so disappointed to all of you, this recitation is just a simple question. Out of 25 people inside of this room, only 3 got correct?". Mr. Jung shook his head in disbelief.

"Tomorrow let's have another recitation with the three of you. The two person who will answer correctly will be having a debate about 'Giving or not giving a death penalty to those people who committed big crimes' that will be presented on next Friday". Once our prof finished his sentence, a negative reaction arose.

"That two people will have a big advantage in all the subjects, I already talked to your other prof about this and they agreed to include their subjects". I don't know if I should be happy or not, is it good if I didn't answer the question earlier correctly?

"Moon Yuri, Chun Lliana, and Lee Heeseung, I'm expecting a lot from you since none of this class impressed me aside from the three of you". He shook his head once again before he walked out the room, leaving us silent.

"I think I should not give the right answer". Yuri said, looking in the air.

"I don't get it, he started giving us a surprise recitation and then moved to debate?!". I brushed my hair back, thinking that a sensitive topic makes me more stressed.

"I hate him already!". She whined.

The next prof arrived, thankfully she just let us read the book containing our lesson until the lunch break arrived.

"This is the most stressful first day I've ever experienced!". Yuri exhales sharply.

We are now heading to the cafeteria. Once we enter the area, loud students welcome us. We ordered and found a seat but there's no available seats.

"Ugh! Are we running out of luck today?! I hate this day!!". Yuri can't stop herself from bursting into a bad mood.

"Let's just eat in the garden, besides it's so loud here". I said and pulled her-

"Yuri! Pabo!". We stopped and looked where that voice came from.

"What did you say?!". Yuri marched aggressively towards the guy, I think that's her cousin or not?

"Who pissed you?". The guy said when I followed her, just then I noticed the person behind him.

"Ugh! I hate my life!". She said in a whiney voice and looked back at me.

"Tell your brother that I want to shift course-". She pouted and smacked the back of the neck of her cousin.

"I will never do that, tell your parents". I said, I arched my eyebrows when I saw Heeshung? Hesong? Heesung? Whatever his name is, looking at me.

"Lazy ass". She playfully rolled her eyes to me.

"If you don't mind, what is your name?". I shifted my glances to her cousin, but Yuri quickly pulled me away from him.

"Stop that Youngbin! Don't you dare flirt with my friend!". I smirked looking at them.

"I'm just asking her name, I'm not doing anything bad!". He defense, I shrugged and tapped Yuri.

"Let's go, I'm hungry". I whispered to her.

"Then let's share it at their table-". Before I refused she already faced her cousin.

"Can we share your table?". I pulled her side shirt to stop her but she ignored me.

"Sure, it's fine. I can see that there's no seat". The other person said, munching his burger.

"Thank you very much! Let's go". Yuri pulled me towards the table, I couldn't say no so I let her.

I seated beside that guy who allowed us to seat, beside him is another two guy while across me is Yuri's cousin named Youngbin, Yuri and the guy on my class earlier, unfortunately I'm facing him.

I unwrapped my burger and took a bite. I tried to ignore their glances but it made me uncomfortable.

"Jake, Shim Jaeyun". I looked to the guy beside me, extending his hand.

"Lliana". I simply said not accepting his hand.

"Please excuse her, she's not in the mood to meet new people. Also we are really stressed on the first day. I'm Yuri by the way". She extends her hand and shakes hands with Jake?

"Oh! We are in the same class, right?". She asked, looking at the guy beside her cousin. Did she just notice that?

"Ah yeah, Heeseung". They started to shake their hands.

"Sunghoon". The guy beside Jake said.

"Jay". The one said, sitting on the other end of our seat.

"I'm Youngbin". I arched my eyebrows looking at Yuri's cousin.

"I said stop Youngbin!". She tried to pull away his arms but he stayed still.

I let out a deep breath and accepted his hand, I shook it.

"Lliana, again". I let out a small smile then turned my hand to Jake. He looked at me and broke into a smile and shook my hand excitedly.

I then extend my hand to the other boys beside him, they look so adorable. Then lastly to Heeseung, I reached out to his hand but he just looked at it, he did what I did to him earlier.

I scoffed and withdrew my hand away from him. I rolled my eyes and continued eating. The others looked at us confused.

"Do you know that boy? Heeseung?". Yuri asked. We are now on our way to the next class, hoping to not see that boy again in my next class.

"Him? Oh yeah, He defended me from those mean girls earlier". I said and clicked my tongue.

"Oh! So he's nice!-"

"No, he's not! After he defended me from those mean girls, he said that those rumors about me are true". I shook my head.

"I guess you did something again that resulted in him saying that". Yuri really knows me, more than I know myself.

"I'm not friendly, you know that. I don't want to meet other or new people. I'm so glad to have you beside me". I let out a deep breath.

"Yeah, I get it. You're afraid that when you meet new people, they'll just leave you but not all of them. You need to open yourself to others, don't let yourself be locked up beside me, school, or to your house". Another lecture from master Yuri.

"It's not easy to do that. I'm fine with myself". I insisted, just then we reached the next class.

Yuri is right, we are running out of luck, well I think I'm running out of luck. That same guy earlier, Heeseung, is in my class again. I hate my life, I really hate it.

 I hate my life, I really hate it

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