Chapter twenty nine

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Daniel POV

Proposing to someone is something I didn't expect to happen to my life. I didn't expect myself, really. I had my fair share of women in my life. So I didn't expect to get married any time soon.

Really life brings everything life many surprises. A kind of surprise that made my life meaningful and colorful. I don't regrets any single thing at all. Emily and Emerald are the best thing that ever happened to my life.

Actually I am preparing everything I need for my proposal. We both agreed to have dinner in my house.

One thing I love about Em is that she's really simple. She prefers home cook meal than those lavish meals in the luxury restaurants. She said that she loves to eat food that cook with heart.

Don't get her wrong. The food in the restaurant kind of different compared to home cook right? Please I hope you agreed. But anyway please help me on this. I think I am going to faint any time.

I glanced around and everything is all sets. I grab my keys and drive to her house.

One thing that fuels me to propose is that. I hate being away from them. Like I need to drive from my house to there house. All I want is for them under my roof. So yeah I am hitting two birds at one stone here.

I knocked on her door and she opened it. She look beautiful as always.

"So where's our little ball of sunshine?" I asked her since I didn't see our little daughter.

"Javier came and took her. I told him no but still he insisted especially when I am going for a date!" She said laughing.

"That guy really loves her huh?!" I said as I buckle her seatbelt.

"Yeah... I don't why but Emerald is full of energy now. She's 11 months old. Next month she will turning 1. How time flies!" She said with her eyes twinkle clearly reminiscing the past.

"Yeah... Speaking of her birthday. You know both of our mothers are too excited for it!" Yup ladies and gentlemen both of our mothers was to enthusiastic planning everything.

I do understand since it's the first time happened that both family will be hosting one event. Emily and I united the family in real terms these time. Out parents are so happy with our relationship. Even my dad threatened me if I hurt Emily. I told him no. I love her so much.

So you can guess what will happen on Emerald first birthday. With both of our parents I don't thing it will be simple no matter what Emily said and keep reminding them not to over do. Especially our mothers.

But we both know that even if she keeps reminding them it's just futile since both our mothers are more excited than the two of us.

"Yeah... My mom called me yesterday and told me about the theme of the party. And also the venue. My goodness Daniel both of them plan on celebrating our daughter's birthday on the most expensive hotel that we own. I told them many times I want to celebrate it in my house. Urrgg but they didn't listened!"

"Babe let them be. You know how our parents are so happy that finally out families are united as one in like real family now. My mom even showered me with kisses when I told them about us. !" I laughed as I recalled that day since my mom keeps praising me. Like "that's my boy!"

"Hahahah.. Even my mom! She shouted in the middle of the restaurant where we eat dinner with dad and Javier. It's so embarrassing I swear! But my dad just laughed at me. He said don't worry we own this hotel!" She said slightly annoyed but can't help to smile when she said it.

"Well they're are all happy that we are together! " I said as I glanced at her giving her my sweet smile. She smiled back and there a faint tint on her cheeks. She still blushed every time made me want to kiss her all night long. Well that's what I intend to do. Heheheh...

Then I parked my car at my garage and we both walked hand in hand together till we get inside my house. I closed the distance between us and didn't hold back myself anymore since I been restraining myself not to kiss her while I am driving on a way here.

She responded to my kissed with the same passion. We slowly entangled each other and I rested my forehead to her looking deep into her eyes. I know an eyes can say thousands of things that a mouth can't do. But I always prefer to show it to her.

"I love you Em!" I said then slowly I turn her so she could see the surrounding clearly.

At my living room was filled of balloons and flowers scattered every where it decorated so beautifully. Then in the middle of it there's a sign in a bold letters.


Then just a scene from a movie she slowly turn her head to me. Her eyes painted with different emotions. She gulped while holding back herself.

"What's the meaning of this?" She said trembling. I can see her hands shakes while she look at me.

I went on my knees and I took out the velvet box inside my pocket. I opened it and show it to her.

"Will you marry me Em?" I said this time.

"Woah... I can't still process this thing. But yes I will marry you!" She said while I saw tears running from her cheeks.

I hugged her tightly and I swear I hold her like my life depends on it.

"Thank you Em... I love you... I love you... I promise I will do my best to show you how much I love you!" I said to her and she shakes her head smiling at me.

"I love you too. You don't have to do anything since I also loved you since we were young's. Thank you for not giving up on us. And for pursuing me to give this love a chance.!" She said to me the words that I been longing to her from her mouth.

We eat dinner together and we spent the night loving each other like there's no tomorrow. I thank Javier for taking care of our daughter as I called him and asked him if he can looked after her for awhile. And I didn't have to convince him since he's willing to do it with no hesitation at all.

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