✿Chapter 10: Your Highness Rapunzel✿

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Rapunzel, your Father, your Mother, and you, all sat in the throne room. Today Rapunzel was being trained on how to be Queen, and you had to watch so you could help make decisions in the need arrived.

"Your Majesty!" Feldspar began, "Ever since you repaved the roads, wear and tear on people's shoes are at an all-time low!" You saw Pascal yawn, "Not one person has come into the cobbler shop all week!"

You suddenly remembered that your travel boots were quite worn from constantly traveling over to Old Corona, "I see." The king started, "Well, we can't very well unpave the roads, can we, Feldspar?" Your father started, "However, it occurs to me that the royal guard is in need of new boots. Do you think you could be of service, sir?" You leaned to the right and whispered to your father that you needed new travel boots, your father sent you a questioning look before nodding, "And my daughter here requires a new pair of travel boots?"

"Might, might I?" Feldspar was ecstatic, "Why, of course, Your Majesty!" The man bowed, before turning around and walking out of the room, going to make boots probably.

Rapunzel leaned to the left, whispering to your father, "Do the guards really need new boots?" She asked, you noticed that she was sitting cross-legged in her seat. Your father turned to her.

"Uh, no. But the livelihood of our local businesses is worth the extra cost!" The man educated, you were also a bit surprised.

Rapunzel folded her hands together, "Wow! I have learned so much from shadowing you these last few days!"

"Good!" Your father started, "Because you two must be prepared for any contingency while we're gone." He said, a sternness in his voice. Internally you were happy that they were leaving so that you could just walk through the palace gates and go anywhere without your father being concerned.

Your mother looked at him, "Uh, Frederic, we're going to be away for two days." She sounded like she was lecturing him, "We deserve a little break." She was right about that, they definitely needed a break, "I think she can manage." She finished.

"Oh, I know she can." Your father responded, "After witnessing the supreme judgment she exercised while defending Attila, there's not a doubt in my mind." That was the day that Atilla was charged with breaking and entering, and Rapunzel proved his innocence. "But that doesn't mean a father can't worry."


After a while of being taught how to make royal decisions a familiar face walked into court. The man who you would recognize as Varian's father. You hadn't seen him since the whole water heater ordeal, but you knew he recognized you. The man made eye contact with you before returning to face the king.

"Quirin! My old friend!" Your eyes widened as your Dad spoke, "What brings you from Old Corona Village?" You didn't know that your father knew Quirin.

The man bowed, "Your Majesty, Old Corona is facing quite the dilemma." You saw Rapunzel frown. You hoped this wasn't about the rocks.

"Oh?" Your father started.

Quirin smiled weakly, looking down at the ground, "Uh, yes... It would appear this year's harvest has proven quite bountiful!" You heard a door creak to your left and turned, spotting Varian peaking through the door, "So much so, that I humbly request more land to accommodate such bounty!" By the look on Varian's face, you could tell that Quirin was lying.

Nigel leaned over and whispered something to your father.

"Quirin, I am pleased to hear how well Old Corona is faring and even more pleased to grant your request." Your father said standing up. Quirin looked up, his face full of shock.

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