Chapter 16 Awakening

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"It's ashame we couldn't take him alive, but there is nothing we can do about it now."

As Reborn said this, Homura and Gokudera saw the body of Mukuro Rokudo on the ground with blood underneath him. While Reborn and Gokudera were sure Mukuro was dead, Homura couldn't help but feel that something was terribly wrong.

"Finally.......we defeated him."


"Thank goodness, Bianchi regained consciousness."

Homura let a sigh of relief escape his lips. He was glad that Bianchi was alright, but she needed to be treated. Soon Bianchi walked towards Gokudera as she asked for him to lend her his shoulder. However, as Homura's brown eyes made contact with Bianchi's green eyes, a feeling of dread washed over him.


The moment Homura said this, Gokudera's cheek was scratched by the blade that was on Mukuro's trident. As this happened, Homura glared at Bianchi.

"Is this mind feels like she's being completely possessed. Are you......are you....Mukuro Rokudo?!"

"Kufufufu. Hahahahaha. And so, we meet again."

"It's him!!!!!!!"

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"It's him!!!!!!!"

"Don't worry boss, i'll handle it."


"Rin! Byou!!!! Tou!!!! Sha!!!! Kai!!!! Jin!!!! Retsu!!!!!"

"Is he trying to exorcise him or something?!"

As this happened, Bianchi's body suddenly fell to the ground. While this happened, the blade in her hand fell and slid on the floor. While Homura was checking to see if she was okay, Gokudera stood silently for a moment. Soon the boy smiled as he called out to Homura.

"Let me handle it."

"Right. Thanks Gok-......MUKURO?!"

Suddenly Homura jumped to the right as he avoided being stabbed by Gokudera who was now holding the blade Bianchi had earlier. Homura was getting freaked out by what was happening as he saw Gokudera's right eye become red with a number inside it.

"First Bianchi, now Gokudera!!!!"

"Kufufu. This is the first time someone has been able to distinguish that it was me by first glance when i'm possessing someone. You truly are fascinating."

"I see. He pretended to commit suicide earlier, but in actuality, he shot himself with a special bullet like I do to you, Homura. However, the Possession Bullet should have been forbidden."

Mukuro laughed as he applauded Reborn for guessing correctly. The Possession Bullet allows someone to posses another person's body and control it with their will. It was a bullet discovered by a mafia family known as the Estraneo Family. Soon Reborn looked towards Homura.

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