✿Chapter 11: The Blizzard✿

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Cassandra placed a log in the fireplace, the townspeople surrounded the place that was giving them warmth. People were coughing and babies were crying. Pascal made tea for the people while Rapunzel wrapped blankets around a woman and a small boy. You were currently standing next to Nigel.

Rapunzel walked over to you and the man, "Nigel, I need to go look for my parents."

"But Your Highness..." The man started, "-you're the queen! You can't just leave your kingdom in its darkest hour." Nigel pulled both you and Rapunzel away from the people, "Oh Rapunzel, as much as it pains me to say this, their chances in elements such as these are... Oh, well. Let's pray your parents found shelter before the worst of the storm hit."

You were unsure how to respond to this, your parents were some of the best rulers that Corona ever had, without them... well. Everything that happened today with the royal council could become everyday.

"But we can't just let them freeze!" Rapunzel exclaimed.

Nigel shook his head, "My dear, going out in that weather now is a virtual death sentence!" Nigel shook his head, "You cannot go!" You opened your mouth, about to suggest that you go instead, "And that goes for you too, (Y/N)." Nigel pointed.

"Rapunzel, (Y/N), he's right." You turned to see the men from the snuggly duckling, Eugene, Lance, and Max, all standing in the doorway, "You can't. But we can."

Rapunzel stepped forward to her boyfriend, "But you just heard Nigel. It's a death trap!"

"Look at us, Princess." Lance spoke, suddenly sounding confident, "If the rest of the world had its way, each and every one of us would either be on the run or locked up somewhere."

Big nose, who was standing next to Lance, spoke up too, "But your parents had the heart to give us a second chance. A chance to prove ourselves and go straight. " Attila was the next to speak up.

"The least we can do is give them a second chance of their own." He said, crossing his arms.

Eugene nodded, "Listen to them. Rapunzel, there is no other option." You opened your mouth to try and argue but Eugene put his hand up to stop you, "No "buts". The mountains made for a great hideout back in the day. I know those roads better than anyone." He sent her a smile, "Face it. We're the men for this job. Besides, even a make-believe king has gotta make himself useful."

The head guard walked up to your sister, "Your Highness, the guards should really be the ones to go." He argued.

"If this storm keeps up, things could get ugly, and this kingdom will need its guards." Eugene retorted. You knew this was true, having guards to escort the people would be much safer than having no one at all.

"Your Highness, it's your call." The guard said. Rapunzel and Eugene shared a look. You crossed your arms, this would be one of the hardest decisions that Rapunzel could make. There was no way that you could answer in a way that would satisfy everyone.

Your sister closed her eyes, "Go." She said to Eugene. The man nodded before pulling her into a tight embrace. Rapunzel looked up at him before closing her eyes once more, embracing his as if she would never see him again.

"We'll be back." The man said, holding her tightly, "I promise." He said pulling back slightly and holding her face in his hands. He kissed her on the forehead before walking back to the group, Rapunzel reaching after him. The men- and horse- all left the room, making their way to the exit of the castle. Max spared a glance back before walking back to you and Rapunzel, he lightly nudged the blond princess in front of him.

Rapunzel pressed her head against the horse, "Bring them home, Max."

You tried hard to contain your sadness, the people needed strength in their time of need, and showing weakness would only dishearten them even more. Maximus snorted lightly before turning away and following the men as they left.

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