30. 𝕸𝖔𝖒𝖎𝖏𝖎

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30 - Thank you, next ᴀ

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30 - Thank you, next ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

"Who's that?"

"Hold on... is that Sohma?"

Making your way home, out of the school. Momiji had grew up. Like GREW up. The small cute boy you know is no longer there. He was the same height as you. (sry if you're short) and almost as tall as Kyo.

"y/n!" Momiji shouted, running over to you. When reaching you he gave you a big hug almost knocking you over.

"Hey." you said catching your breath.

Momiji takes your hand in his and starts walking out of the school. You didn't think anything of it, he was Momiji after all. All he did was grow. Nothing else.

Tohru, Haru and Yuki were waiting for you outside of the school.

"We should go get ice cream!" Momiji suggested. "Better yet an Ice cream cake!"

The four of you head home to see Kisa and Hiro there waiting for you to come home. They grew a lot since the last time you saw them. Hiro is finally taller than Kisa.

"We came earlier when Uncle Shigure was leaving so we just waited." Kisa told us.

"Yea and Kyo's upstairs." Hiro added in as the rest of the group nodded. A few moments later Momiji headed upstairs while the rest of the group started to cook.

"Kyo!" Momiji shouted, running into Kyo's room.

"What are you doing here?"

"We came here to eat."


"Yup! Haru's here too."

Kyo looks at Momiji up and down. "I still can't believe you grew. Thought you'd stay short forever."

"I'm almost your height. When I am y/n can't look down at me anymore, Literally. Maybe then, she'd be with me. Not you." Momiji said, giving Kyo the side eye.

Kyo was speechless. What could he say? The child of the family threatened to take his girlfriend. Was he really that blind? How could he not see the Love Momiji has for you.

Momiji said he loved you but no one took it that way. Not even you.

Momiji walks out the room as Kyo stays quiet. You enter the room as Momiji walks out, not hearing their conversation.

"Hey." You go over, hugging him. It was strange when you got no reply back. "You okay?"


HEY HEY soooo I might update again cause this is a really short chapter BUT I know what im doing for my karma fic if you've been waiting

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