Past Back To Haunt Me

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 "Susan, after you'vecleaned that last table, you can head home, I'll close up". I gave theother waitress a small smile. "Thank you, you're the best". I finishcleaning the last table and head to get my coat. "Bye Lily", I saysmiling. I've always liked Lily she's so sweet "Get home safe Susan".I smiled and continued out the door. It was chilly tonight. Hate working latehours but it's the only decent job so close to home which pays well.

Walking past all the closed local shops, I felt a shiver run down my spine as if someone were watching me, I looked around to check but saw nothing. I thought it may have been the darkness causing me to feel more cautious and the cold wind making me shiver, but it didn't shake the strange feeling, I walked faster. The faster I walked the more scared I got. I quickly turned the corner onto my street.

I saw my house, but the lights were off. She always has all the lights on in the house as it makes her feel safe! Fear started to overcome my whole body; I ran home. Opening the door as quiet as possible, I stepped inside. I slowly shut the door trying not to make a sound. Moving away from the door I suddenly heard faint laughing come from upstairs. I froze. Who's in the house? 

I headed towards the stairs, slowly climbing them but the stairs were old, so they squeaked at the slightest touch. I started to panic; every step I took made my heart race more as I headed further up. As I reached the top, I stopped. Glancing around the corner to see what I could see. What I saw horrified me. I saw my mum tied to one of our bedroom chairs with tape over her mouth. With a man standing In-front of her. What does he want? Money? I came out of my thoughts when I heard a voice of a male who strangely sounded familiar. Who could it be? My dad died when I was young, and I have no other family who we talk to!

I feel helpless, I got my phone out to call the police. I dial 999 as fast as I could and put the phone to my ear. "999, What's your emergency?". I tried to keep quiet "there is a man in our house, and he's got my mum tied up". I started to cry. "Ma'am what's your location". "14 Water Lane". Suddenly footsteps start coming my way, I stayed deadly silent. "Ma'am, what's happening". Praying he wouldn't come round the corner. The Footsteps stopped. "Susan I'm back". I froze in horror; how does he know my name? "I know you're here, I heard the stairs and the ringing, if you don't come out now your mum will pay the consequence and I suggest you hang up the phone. Wouldn't want your mum to pay for your mistakes" Without thinking I ended the call. Stepping out from behind the corner. He started walking off before I could see his face. I followed him down the short hallway, into the master bedroom.

As soon as I was close to my mum, I barged past the man and went to hug her. Before I got to wrap my arms around my mum, I was ripped away from her by a harsh grip wrapped around my arm. I started screaming and kicking. Until I felt a stinging pain on my cheek. He slapped me!! I stopped fighting and looked up to the man. My heart dropped.

"M-ax," was all I could mutter out which caused him to smirk "Hello love".

Hope you enjoyed my first chapter. :)
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