Chapter-20|Family Friend

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It seemed like hours later when we pulled away because of a giggle

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It seemed like hours later when we pulled away because of a giggle. I looked around to see a bunch of girls looking way too drunk pass by us and giggle among themselves.

When the girls were no longer in sight, I turned my head back to catch Ethan watching me intently, with a smug look on his face. We were waiting for each other to give in first and looks like I was the one here who broke first.

"Stop looking so smug!" I said, trying to sound serious, but I couldn't help it when a smile graced my lips.

"Never." He said and bumped his nose with mine, making me scrunch it.

Before I could come up with a smart-ass reply, his phone vibrated. I felt it because I still had his body pressed against mine.

"I think someone is calling you." I said, looking down at his pockets.

He pulled back from me, took out his phone, and showed me the screen where Noah's name was flashing.

"They must be wondering where we are." He said, looking at his phone one last time before sliding it back into his pocket without answering, likely because he wouldn't be able to hear Noah over the music.

"Let's go?" I asked, looking down, and pulled at my dress, trying to fix it.

"Yeah, but before that..." With that, he stepped forward and cupped my chin, making me look at him again before he kissed me.

The kiss was brief, but it made me weak in the knees. Pulling back with his hands still cupping my face, he said, "You look really gorgeous tonight."

"Thank you." I said softly, as my cheeks heated.

"Let's go before Noah comes looking for us." He said, taking my hand in his and started walking away.

"Wait..." I exclaimed, making him pause in his step and turn back to look at me with confusion.

"There's some..." Stepping closer to him, I placed my thumb on his lip and scrubbed off the red lipstick on it. Kissing with red lipstick has some downsides. No matter how hard I rubbed, the red tint wouldn't go away, but this is the best we could do without a makeup remover, I guess.

"There! Done." I said, pulling back, and looked at him with a smile. While I was busy removing the lipstick, I didn't notice the look of adoration on his face but now that I am looking at him from a step away, I could clearly see the small curve of his lips and the brightness in his eyes making me blush all over again.

"Let's go." I said, tilting my head downwards and walked ahead of him to hide my blush.

"Where the hell were you two?" Noah asked as soon as we reached our booth where everyone was sitting.

Dani only raised an eyebrow at my red cheeks but chose not to say anything.

"He had to go outside to receive a call, and I wanted some fresh air so I joined him." I said the first thing that came to my mind.

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