Chapter 17 Homura vs Mukuro

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"That flame on your don't have magic, so it must be the effect of the bullet. But you seemed more fired up against Lancia."

As he said this through Chikusa's body, Mukuro charged behind Homura with Ken's body. Without looking back, Homura used his right hand to grab Ken's body by its face and struck him with the back of his left hand, sending him flying to a wall.

"Not so fast."

Using Chikusa's body, Mukuro jumped high into the air and launched several needles from his yo-yos. While this happened, Homura didn't flench as the needles made contact with his body, but didn't do any damage.

"This is an illusion, the real one is over here."

Homura swiftly dashed to the left. While doing so, he threw a punch in the air with his right hand. However, in reality, he punched Chikusa's body right onto the floor. As this happened, the blade in Chikusa's hand was now lodged in a crack in the wall. Mukuro couldn't hide the shock that he had on Bianchi and Gokudera's faces.

"Impossible, he couldn't see through the illusions of the first path before!!!"

"The bullet caused the dormant "Blood of the Vongola" within Homura to awaken. While the Dying Will Bullet removes the external limiters of Homura's body, the Rebuke Bullet causes him to be aware of his hidden willpower and removes his internal limiters. It also removes his internal limiters on his internal sense. In Homura's case, that would be the ability he's displayed overtime. The ability to "see-through" others, one of which all of the Vongola bloodline possess. It becomes Hyper Intuition, not to mention the gloves have a use too."

Soon Mukuro charged towards Homura with Bianchi and Gokudera's body. Just as Gokudera threw a punch at Homura, the boy pulled Gokudera close to him and swiftly struck the back of his neck. As this happened, Bianchi dashed behind him.

"Intuition you say? You must be joking!"

Before Bianchi's body could punch him, Homura caught the woman's fist in his right hand and pulled her forward. Afterwards, he struck her on the back of her head. Just as Bianchi and Gokudera's bodies were about to hit the floor, Homura caught them in his arms as they were knocked out.

"I'm sorry for the wait. Gokudera, Bianchi. Reborn, please look after them."

"Putting on airs now, are we?"

As Homura gently placed Gokudera and Bianchi's bodies on the ground, Reborn walked towards them and was about to treat them. As this happened, Homura looked to the side.

"I know you're alive

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"I know you're alive. Show yourself, Mukuro Rokudo."

"Kufufu. Your battle sense has greatly improved, but you're a fool if you think that will be enough to beat me. After all, I still have one skill I haven't used.  The fifth path...the Human Path. Among the sixth paths it is the ugliest one. Because I hate this world, I hate this skill. The human path is the ugliest path......"

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