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I sit on the arm of the couch, cradling a glass of bourbon. A rather bored Klaus sits beside me. His eyes have followed me nervously since we got here, though he's not being very subtle about it. As I find my place next to him, he places a calming hand on my knee.

"Are you all right, Nik?" I ask, placing my hand over his.

He nods, but the sound of the front door opening interrupts his verbal answer. Even though we know Tyler's just arrived home, neither one of us move.

"Go on," Klaus orders, and the hybrids that had been loitering around us disperse through the rooms.

One, however, plants himself a few feet away from me. He steals glances at us every few seconds, even after Klaus stands.

"Lovely," I groan quietly, already anticipating an overprotected day.

As a response, Klaus lifts our connected hands to his lips. He plants a light kiss on my knuckles, silently asking me to comply with his worrying.

When he leaves the room to go speak with Tyler, the hybrid pretends to have spotted something interesting out the window.

"Hello," I say politely, "I'm Clara."

I reach out a hand to him, but he seems hesitant to shake it. When he turns to me, I quickly notice his fateful expression and tired eyes without having to do much analyzing. His face tells me that he's probably in his late teens, which is younger than I would have expected for a chosen hybrid.

"Harry," he introduces himself.

I smile, "It's a pleasure."

"Careful, Harry," Tyler warns, coming into the room behind Klaus. "One second she's an ally, the next second, she's sleeping with the enemy."

My eyes roll before he can even finish his sentence. Klaus, on the other hand, points a threatening finger at the teenager, forcing me to stand up.

"I suggest you hold your tongue, or the hunter will be the least of your worries," he threatens.

I glance between them. I'm tired of the fighting, and it seems so is Tyler, because he leaves the room without another word.

"Do you have to torment the boy? You've already meddled in his life enough, my dear," I scold Klaus as he takes his seat on the couch again.

Harry returns to the window, so I sit on the coffee table in front of Klaus this time. He takes the half-empty glass from my hand and drinks the rest in one gulp.

"How are you feeling?" He asks, dodging my concerns.

"I told you, completely fine."


I make a face, "Promise? Really?"

He shrugs, "Your daughter is rubbing off on me."

Shivers run up my arms. The way he says, 'your daughter' doesn't sit well with me, though he obviously doesn't mean anything by it. Correction, it actually feels like he's driving the words through me like a knife. Instead of admitting this, I take the empty glass back into my own hands and refill it from the bottle resting on the table.

A moment later, Harry and Klaus turn their heads at the same time, meaning something has caught the attention of their advanced hearing. I look between them, awaiting an explanation that never comes.

The rest of the morning goes on like a drag. With the hybrids watching Tyler and Klaus and Harry watching me, there isn't much for me to do besides watch Klaus draw in a borrowed sketchbook. When that gets boring, Harry accompanies me on a walk of the property.

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