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Rebekah wanders back into the kitchen. At first, I'm not sure if she ignores us or forgot we were here, but when she releases a shaky breath, I realize it's the latter.

"'Bekah?" I stand from my spot at the breakfast nook. "Are you alright?"

Adalynn follows closely behind. While she won't let me touch her, Rebekah welcomes my daughter's touch.

"She's burning up," she informs me.

I give her a questioning look, but she shakes her head. The fever that she usually emits isn't anything that would affect an original vampire, but I had to check.

"I think I need to lie down," she mumbles.

"This doesn't seem much different from what was affecting you, mother," Adalynn whispers to me as Rebekah is leaving the room.

I shake my head, "No, this is definitely different. Her aura is... smudged."

We watch her pass Harry as she heads for the stairs. Their aura's look eerily similar and I realize what's happened.

"It has to be werewolf venom. The hunter must have targeted the party."

"Stefan and Elena were here," Adalynn reminds me.

One of the teens hands Harry a cup of beer from the keg. Before he can take a drink, I melt the plastic magically, burning his hand. He automatically turns our way and heads over.

"Really? I know I'm only here for you, but—"

"I think the hunter put werewolf venom in the drinks. If Stefan and Elena were here, they probably will be effected soon."

Adalynn points above us, "And what about her?"

I think about Rebekah's broken relationship with Klaus. It's temporary, which I know from years of experience, but it is also effective. She won't want his help directly, though she doesn't really need it since the werewolf venom isn't going to kill her.

"I'll see what I can do. Harry, clear this place out. Adalynn and I will meet you back at Tyler's," I order.

He gives me a nervous look but agrees.

We walk outside to where the party is still going on. There's no sign of the hunter, but I'm really only looking for someone out of the ordinary. Close proximity is not exactly a requirement for werewolf poisoning, so I doubt he's here.

When we reach the Lockwood estate, the tension has been cleared throughout the house. One of the hybrids tells us that Klaus left a little while ago.

"Hello, love," Klaus greets her over the phone.

This tone is cheerful and condescending. He wants me to apologize for not listening to him, but I don't want to give him the satisfaction. Unfortunately for me, I don't have much of a choice.

"Don't love me, Klaus," I snap. "Where are you? I need your help with something."

"Ah, now you're willing to listen to me. A bit late for that, my darling."

"Is that Clara?"

My body stills at the sound of Damon's voice. I haven't heard from him since before I found out about Klaus being alive. He's tried reaching out to me, but I've been ignoring his calls.

Gritting my teeth, I hiss, "Please don't tell me that you're with Damon."

"I'm with Damon," he says instantly. "We will have this hunter business rapped up shortly. Until then..."

He trails off, begging me to ask for his help again. I end the call.

"Trouble in paradise?" Tyler asks, coming around the corner to lean on the doorframe.

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