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It has been three days since Morgan came here, three because I was counting today. Watching her doing all those lessons that I also did when I was younger made something twirl inside me. Sometimes I would excuse myself from my duties and pass by the practice room to steal a quick look. My asissant Steven would always sigh and shake his head whenever I would escape.

I would find her trying not to roll her eyes at Benjamin's Proper Use of Language 101. I understood how she felt because he would sometimes catch me cursing even at my softest voice I could utter inside the palace and give me thirty minutes talk about why it was inappropriate for a princess to say such words and blah blah blah.

Tam was finally coming back today in time for Morgan's welcoming party tomorrow after being sent by my father in another country. Just like Mat he was escorting some VIP and making confidential transactions.

The twins stood by each other in their suits in the hallway and as soon as they saw me they stood straight and tried not to react. In the five years time both men grew at the same height and towered over me by atleast five inches. I think they do the same work out routine to be the same built.

Tam and Mat combed their hair, clean shavened had their hand over the other hand and looked at me seriously. They always did this whenever Tam came home.

Now I had hard time differentiating which of the two was my bestfriend.

I look at one of them, "how have you been Tam?"

No one reacted and I gave a long examination to each one of them. It was not possible to see the color of their eyes since they wore shades and it would be cheating if I asked them to remove it.

I walked around them to find any inconsistency that would give me a clue.

My phone rang and I quickly answered it. "Yes father? He is here. Where? Okay, I'll let them know."

"Tam the King wants to see you in his office," I said not looking at them and pretending that the call was real.

No one moved from where they stood.

"Dang it."

I've got to thank Vivian for calling though and I thought my plan would work this time. Next time I'll request the King to appear maybe that'd be easier.

"Aren't you all hungry? We should eat, let's go Mat," I tried and walked a few steps from them and opened my mouth in shock of who I saw.


One of them clenched their jaws and tried not to look at the clicking of heels behind them and I walked behind the two. "What are you doing here?"

Mat turned with a frown on his face and crused then noticed who was with me instead. "Oh, it's you Rin."

I laughed when Tam hit Mat's shoulder and telling him off. "Good to see you Tammy."

"Likewise Cammie," he grinned and took off their shades. I thanked my maid for the help and for that plan she shared few nights ago.

"You really need to tell us what happened with you and Kayla bro," Tam mentioned and Mat groaned, telling us to forget it.

I didn't push him and asked how Tammy was in his work outside the country. He only shared that he was escorting one of the important leaders and a successful negotiation benefiting our country.

"People is telling me who should not be named is here," Tam looked around smiling.

"Uh yeah, someone told mother about us and now she is forcing me to marry her."

He chuckled, "sounds like the Queen to me. Anyways see you later, I've got to report to the King and apparently I have a dance lesson with Lady Morgan later on."

"Dance lesson?" I asked which made him stop from leaving.

"Vivian requested to teach Morgan how to waltz, she should've asked you."

"I don't have the time."

"Right," he chuckled as he walked away.

"I really don't!" I shouted in the hall.

"Keep your voice down Your Highness," Benjamin popped out of nowhere which made me jump and disappeared down the hall.

"That dude surprised me evertime," Mat finally spoke and we left to finish our meetings for the day and Steven would not let us out of his sight.

It was around seven and she was always behind for dinner so I decided to take a look in the practice room since Tam would be helping her out at seven thirty. The door was slightly opened and Morgan was wearing pjs in the ballroom. I only planned to look for a few seconds to see how she was doing but Vivian caught me and had a smirk on her face.

"Your Highness, surprised to see you here," she whispered.

"I was just uh passing by."

"I've always told you countless times you suck at lying Your Highness. You should help her out."

"She can do it."

"Yes, she will be able to do it after you help her out."

"Do I have to?"


"Why am I listening to you?"

"Because you told me to watch out for her when you decided to switch me with Rin."

"I don't trust Rin."

"Yeah so you decided to give your personal maid to Lady Morgan, how sweet."

"Shut up."

"Sssh, Ben might pop out of now where and ruin your hide out."

"I'm not hiding."

"Yes you are."

"Am not."


"Whatever, has she spoken about me?" I asked. We were Morgan watching as she sighed and silently cursing to herself and looking out for Ben.

"Why would she speak of you?"

I gave her a reaction.

"I'm just kidding Princess. She hasn't really. Do you want her to though?"


"Look, don't you think it's time to go help her out? Any minute she'd be cursing out loud and spend the night listening to Ben's lectures."

We chuckled softly and gave me the courage to go inside and lend her a hand but Tam beat me to it.

"Morgan, great to see you!" He squealed and yes he is still gay.

"Tam? My god, how are you?"

They exchanged a few words but I left instead and said goodnight to Vivian.

The party was finally tomorrow and everyone would be extra busy preparing and organizing.

Our outfits and masks were already ready for tomorrow and everybody was excited to meet Morgan. I just hope she doesn't try to initiate her plan tomorrow and embarass the family.

Fingers crossed.


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