Day I Left

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I still remember the day as if it was yesterday. I agree I didn't leave him in the kindest way but I couldn't bare being with him any longer, he was so lovely and caring at the start, he would have done anything for me but he started to change after a couple of months into the relationship. He started bossing me around and hurting me, he would also go out all night with mates and get drunk, leaving me at home all on my own but  that wasn't the worst part I would dreaded him coming back home because he always got angry and took it on my, at first i blamed the alcohol but then he started to do it when he was sober.

I wasn't allowed out unless he was with me at all times, if I even made eye contact with another lad, I was to be punished when home even if I knew the lad. We had a couple years between each other, I was 19 and he was 24.

He had this car it was a black Mustang, a stunning car which he brought, he loved this car more than anything. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I had to get him back for how he treated me the past few months where he abused me mentally, physically and emotionally.

It all happened so fast, on the night he went to his mate's house down the street, he walked as he had low petrol in his car. I was home alone like always and I was thinking about my life and thinking why am I here? Why do I stay? Could I leave? I started to plan in my head how I could leave, if I was to. I got to the point where I started packing, I had all my stuff in bags but as I wasn't allowed many things. No money! No bank cards! No books! Nothing just  basic bits like clothes, soap, sprays etc.

I was so ready to leave, I had bags packed, taxi on its way, money out of Max's coat hundred or so, he wouldn't even notice the money gone, he was financial stable for life, i don't even know how he got all his money. I went outside to see if the taxi was here until I saw his car and I had this moment of pay back for everything  he ever did to me. i rushed back into the house and  took his keys and carved on the bonnet of his car. 'P A Y B A C K'  I never regretted it, he deserved it. I rang my mum and told her everything and moved in with her. She was happy to her little girl back home.

After a couple of months, me and my mum moved away to a small town out the way, I was hoping to never see Max again. I felt tears slowly dripping down my face as the thought of my mum! I was thinking of the good times until I had a forceful impacted on my face which brought me back to reality.

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