Chapter 17

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The raft: Atlantic Ocean

Katia's eyes snapped open, she scrunched them shut and repeated several times from throbbing pain of shocks circulating her body, but she didn't scream. Her body disallowed it, as if screaming was going to make it worse. She was terrified of what had happened during her unconscious state.
Her legs were pulled close to her chest as she laid on her side, frankly it was uncomfortable, but nothing compared to the feeling of her arms tied around her small figure and her wings harnessed together behind her back. Weights here attached to them to stop her from being able to fly.

The teen lifted her head to examine her surroundings, a dismal little cot, dark steel walls, very little light. The room was a circular shape, each teammate was confined to a cell that everyone else could see.

Katia shuffling was enough to draw the attention of everyone. "Katia?" Sam's concerned voice echoed out from the cell opposite. Katia struggled to lift her body up. Eventually, she sat against the cold wall, not daring to mutter a word. Every single movement followed with a wave of pain.

Katia's once bright eyes were gaunt, all hope drained away along with any tears.

"Hey, Sam." Her voice came out hoarse, monotone, muffled by the suffering the collar around her throat brought. She refused to meet his eyes, or anyone else in the room. "Where's Wanda?"

"I'm right here, Kati." Wanda's voice called out from the cell next to her, she didn't need to see her older sister's face to know that she had been crying; her something that Katia was incapable to do right now. She couldn't cry, crying would requires sadness or anger; she only felt numb.

"Katia, I want you to listen to me very carefully, you are not going to be in here forever, understand? You are going to get out." Wanda choked on her words. Her breathing hitched every few seconds from the lump forming in her throat.
The teen didn't react. she sat there, staring at the floor."They are just words, Wanda. I'm not getting out of here. And if I do, if any of us do, we'll be fugitives and never know freedom."

Silence filled the room, the only sounds were the shock collar and the occasional movement of the prisoners. Everyone knew Katia was right, none of them would see freedom as long as the governments of the world saw them as threats.

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