chapter twenty-nine

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⚠️discusses themes of abuse⚠️

tae pov

i was getting close to falling asleep in the car as we were all exhausted but before i could, namjoon had told us we were pulling up on the drive way

yoongi had fallen asleep on jin's shoulder by accident which i though was slightly funny

as soon as he had parked i got out followed by a smiling j-hope who had also been squished

jungkook passed y/n to jimin while he got out and then jimin passed y/n back to jungkook so he could get out as well, it was kind of like pass the parcel but instead of parcel, they were passing the sleeping girl

jin poked yoongi awake which earned him a threatening glare before they both got out of the car and namjoon locked it

no one was really talking, we were all very very tired

jin unlocked the house door and we all trigger in behind him, placing the bags we had collected pver the trip onto the floor

yoongi went straight to his room to sleep and i followed jungkook and jimin into y/n's room where they put her in her bed and under the covers to sleep

we all walked out together and saw j-hope locking the house door and adding his bag to the pile and then some murmured "good nights" could be heated as we all departed into our rooms to sleep for the night

i lay awake in my cold bed and can feel the anger building up in me

'why did this have to happen? why was this the trip we took her on? what if she would have gotten hurt' i wondered and thought about the precious girl that i care about and how i nearly lost her today

she was so exhausted yet she never complained

she never mentioned that her feet hurt, that she had bad cramps, that we were walking too fast for her

she never said anything at all

she's too sweet, and i put her life in danger by allowing her to come with us

that was the last thing i thought till everything turned black and i went to sleep

y/n pov

-y/n's dream-

i was running

as fast as i could

my legs were in so much pain

i could barely keep myself going, but i had to

i had to get away

i just needed to get away, from him

averting my gaze to every direction i could, i could only see the darkness and trees

he was no where in sight

so i stopped, just momentarily to catch my breath

but it seems my moment was too big as the next thing i heard was a crunch in the leaves

not by an animal like a rabbit, but like a monstrous foot step gaining on me

chairing me as if my pain was a fun game to him

?-"where are you running off to, little lady?" he asks in a sickening voice that freezes me in my place


that's all i wanted to do

but my body wouldn't, it couldn't

i could hear the sound of his loud foot steps getting closer to me and his breath on the back of my neck become stronger then it had been before

?-"not much to say now, huh?" he mocks and grabs my already bruised shoulder with his cold large hand and began to drag me back to the hell hole in which i was staying in over the summer

me-"l-let me g-" i weakly whisper out earning a dark and twisted chuckle to escape his lips and go right into my ear

?-"you are mine and you aren't going anywhere! no one can protect you now" he threatens as he drags me up the front steps and towards the door

me-"no" i cried but it was too late, he had me


a cold sweat too over my body as i felt myself shoot up in fear

'i'm in my room, i'm safe' i kept repeating to myself like a child who's afraid of the dark while wiping my tears from my face

i tried to grab my covers to provide myself with some comfort but that didn't work as they were now located on the floor, i must have kicked them off due to the thrashing i did in the night

'water, i need water' i thought as an attempt to calm myself down

placing my feet on the cold floor, i stood up out of my empty bed and headed towards my door after looking around my room feeling paranoid

i open my door just enough to squeeze past and start walking along the empty dark hall way to walk to the kitchen

'almost there' i thought while placing a hand over my shaking mouth as i think about the nightmare to try and stop any noice from coming out of it

'what was that?' i think as i quickly turn around to see what the movement was that i saw out of the corner of my eye

nothing was there

quickening my pace, i sped to the kitchen and began reaching for the cups which were yet again, conveniently placed in a high up cupboard

i'm so done

gathering all the strength i could, i try to push my half asleep self onto the kitchen counter to grab one

?-"need help" a voice says from behind me causing me to jump and loose my balance

me-"oh m-" i begin to tell until someone caught me and placed their hands on my lips to prevent my screams escaping

?-"jesus y/n you need to be more careful" he whisper scolded me

me-"sorry jungkook" i said as he put me down, now able to see the moonlight on his face

jungkook-"i'm sorry for scaring you" he says feeling guilty

me-"no no it's okay don't worry"

jungkook-"what were you d-" he pauses "-wait a second" he says and gently grabs me and twist me to now be in his previous place and him in my, the moonlight now reflecting on my face

me-"what?" i whisper out as he stares into my eyes

jungkook-"why are you crying again?"

me-"no i'm not" i defend while whipping away my tears

jungkook-"you can tell me" he says in a soft voice while patting my shoulder in a comforting manner

he's not going to give up

me-"i just" i sighed "i had another nightmare, that's all"

jungkook-"oh y/n" he says while bringing me into a hug that i desperately needed

his hug reminded me of someone

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