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On the floor of the bedroom that Spencer took over.

She was surprised he even let her do that - she was waiting for one big power show to prove she shouldn't trust this guy, but he just lets her take his bed. He doesn't even fight or bargain, he just grabs a pillow and the blanket from the couch and lays down on the floor.

Spencer almost feels bad. But she hadn't slept in a bed for at least five months, so she thinks maybe it's fair.

He's still asleep when she wakes up, and Spencer doesn't stop herself from looking at him, critically.

He had a million chances to kill her so far. He didn't take one. And she knows he said he's not going to hurt her, and her guts telling her it's the truth, she just...

She feels bad. He's doing all this, risking his life and everything for someone she doesn't even know exists anymore. It's not like Spencer can even remember herself.

She's careful not to wake him when she slips out of the bed. It's the first time she can remember waking up without back pains and stiffness, and she's grateful that he let her do this.

Her feet landed softly on the ground, so quiet that she almost couldn't hear it herself.

The floor is cold, but Spencer makes her way into the kitchen, careful not to make any noise.

She's not hungry, but she looks through the cabinets and the fridge anyways. Milk, eggs, protein bars. It's enough for her to assume Pietro's been here longer than she thought.

Which means he's been looking for her much longer than she thought.

Slowly shutting the doors, Spencer turns back to the rest of the apartment. Her arms cross over her chest as she does a more in-depth survey - the couch, the red rug, the weird decorations all over, the front door.

Spencer glances out the window. It's raining. No use in running in the rain, she'll leave prints.

Then her eyes come back to the kitchen table, and on top of it, the large computer-like device. Pietro had been there all night, trying to get his message across to the Avengers despite Spencer's demands.

(She had considered the whole identity thing. She's not completely sold on it.)

With another glance towards the hallway, Spencer slips into a seat at the kitchen table and pulls open the computer.

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